Winter Class: Calculating High School Credit

In under an hour I can turn you into a high school credit calculation ninja. 😉 Let me help you understand the nuances inside the question “Is this enough to count as a credit?”

There are 5 accurate ways to calculate high school credit, each a little different and each depends on your teen’s course and their situation.

Learning which to choose is easier when you understand some of the reasoning behind each method and why it works best.

In this class, I’ll break down these 5 methods into homeschool-friendly terminology you can apply to any curriculum in any grade and for any state:

  1. Carnegie Units / hours
  2. Calendar / Semester
  3. Competency-based /Mastery
  4. Finish the Book
  5. Dual Enrollment

After you learn these 5 methods, we’ll talk about how you can turn any of these into an HONORS course by making a few quick adjustments!

This course is available on demand now through February 28, 2023.

The course can be completed in about an hour, and the skills you gain will help you plan for all your teens! See you there!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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