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NEW Math Resources for College Algebra CLEP

If your teen is planning the College Algebra CLEP, we have a new resource.

Khan Academy just launched their new College Algebra math class! It’s complete, and free, and a perfect way to study independently while earning college credit via testing out.

College Algebra is not to be confused with high school algebra, but think of it a bit like “Algebra 3” in that it is the perfect class for teens who are finished with Algebra 2. College Algebra builds on Algebra 2 with a little bit of precalculus, and the College Algebra CLEP meets the degree requirements for MANY non-STEM majors!

Step 1: Learn

Khan Academy — College Algebra Course (award 1 high school credit)

Step 2: Get the voucher

Modern States – College Algebra Course

Complete this free course so your CLEP exam and proctoring fees are paid for! This covers the full cost, don’t skip this step! Your teen does not need to watch all the videos or take a full month, just pass the quizzes. Modern States: How to Take a CLEP for Free

Step 3: Take the CLEP

College Board – Register for CLEP College Algebra test

Step 4: Repeat

Accumulate as many CLEP credits as possible before college. Do this for every class that matches up with your high school courses! There is no such thing as too much CLEP. Too much CLEP? Never!

Step 5: Send the transcript

When your teen chooses their college, send their official College Board transcript ($20) and their college will award college credit per their CLEP policy. Nearly 80% of all colleges award college credit for CLEP exams in some amount.

More Resources – good free resource for seeing how math problems are solved. PARENTS NOTE: will solve problems

Purplemath – good free resource for seeing how math problems are solved. PARENTS NOTE: will solve problems.

West Texas A&M’s Virtual Math Lab — thorough explanations of College Algebra topics.

For practice tests: CLEP REA Guides: Online and FREE!


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