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New Semester: Sink or Swim?

Brilliant advice from Jenny B., our HS4CC Minnesota moderator:

“Yesterday my daughter started her 2nd semester of PSEO (10th grade) and went from 1 class to 5 classes online. I blocked off my entire afternoon to sit next to her as she logged into her classes and figured everything out. I printed syllabuses, helped decipher class requirements, and counseled her on how to make a workable plan.

There were a lot of snags. A lot. Why is this course completely empty? (Find the professor’s email and ask him.) Why is the access code the teacher posted expired? (Oh, here’s another one she posted. This one works.) Where is this document the professor says I must read? (“Hidden” under important links. 😉) Instead of letting her get bogged down and overwhelmed with the problems, I helped her figure it out.

PSEO is not a sink or swim experience. The grades will go on their permanent college transcript. Help them get off on the right foot by helping them get organized and understand the requirements. Don’t do their work, but teach them how to manage it.

Semester 2, here we come! 🤓


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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