Watch List: 15 Courses Expiring 2/28/2023

If your teen is taking one of these courses, take note. Between now and then we hope to see a renewal, but if we don’t, it’s possible that they won’t be worth college credit at your target college. Read more for details. Course List

CourseID NumberCourseDate ApprovedExpirationCreditsNote
Computer Science 114: Programming in RSDCM-0227Computer Science 11408/01/201902/28/20233
Computer Science 331: Cybersecurity Risk Analysis ManagementSDCM-0222Computer Science 33103/01/201902/28/20233Studycom announced that this course will be reclassified from upper level to lower level.
Computer Science 307: Software EngineeringSDCM-0220Computer Science 30703/01/201902/28/20233
Computer Science 108: Introduction to NetworkingSDCM-0213Computer Science 10803/01/201902/28/20233
Geometry 101: Introduction to GeometrySDCM-0091Geometry 10111/01/201902/28/20233
English 105: College Composition IISDCM-0089English 10503/01/201902/28/20233
Economics 101: Principles of MicroeconomicsSDCM-0069Economics 10111/01/201902/28/20233
Finance 102: Personal FinanceSDCM-0059Finance 10211/01/201902/28/20233
English 104: College Composition lSDCM-0057English 10403/01/201902/28/20233
Business 308: Globalization and International ManagementSDCM-0054Business 30807/01/201902/28/20233
Humanities 101: Intro to HumanitiesSDCM-0047Humanities 10112/01/201902/28/20233
Business 106: Human Resource ManagementSDCM-0026Business 10607/01/201902/28/20233
History 101: Western Civilization ISDCM-0011History 10112/01/201902/28/20233
Business 104: Information Systems and Computer ApplicationsSDCM-0008Business 10407/01/201902/28/20233
Science 101: Intro to Natural SciencesSDCM-0004Science 10107/01/201902/28/20233
access date 01/02/2023

What is ACE Evaluation?

ACE (American Council on Education) is a third party credit evaluator that evaluates all types of learning that happens outside of a college.

Many companies use ACE to evaluate their courses or credit by exam. When a course or exam is evaluated by ACE for college credit, it only holds that evaluation for a period of time (usually 3 years). At the end of that period, the company must seek to have their courses or exam renewed.

Without ACE evaluation, the likelihood of the course or exam being worth college credit is nearly ZERO.

Why do I care?

When a course or exam expires, one of 3 things will happen.

  1. The course or exam may be discontinued.
  2. The course or exam may be revised.
  3. The course or exam will be renewed for another 3 years.

The Most Important Thing

We can’t know which of the 3 things will happen until after it does. It is important, however, that consumers are aware of these dates. If a course or exam is discontinued, you must have finished it before the discontinuation date for it to be worth college credit. If a course or exam is revised, the scope of the content may change or even the credit value. If a course is renewed, you can continue on business as usual.

What Usually Happens

Usually, a course or exam is renewed and any possible gap in the date range is back-dated by ACE to cover the students who may have completed a course or exam during the gap. In companies that have been around for a very long time, renewal usually happens and the consumer is none the wiser.

Don’t Panic, But Be Aware

ACE evaluations always expire. Every course or exam that receives an ACE evaluation (CLEP, AP, DSST, Studycom, Sophia, Saylor Academy, Straighterline, ALEKS, etc.) are “worth” college credit because of this ACE evaluation. As such, any company in the business of selling college credit products will be HIGHLY MOTIVATED to make sure the course or exam gets renewed.

What to do?

  1. Watch and wait.
  2. If you’re close to finishing the course or taking the exam on this list, do it before the expiration date.
  3. If you use this company’s courses or exam in your homeschool, send them an email and ask them to renew their ACE evaluation – it makes a huge difference!


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

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