Find College Credit: Accounting

Looking for college credit in Accounting for your high school student? Here’s a good place to start.

Intro. to Financial Accounting*OutlierExcellent$597, save $75 with HS4CC coupon
Online Accounting for Business*ASU ULExcellent$25 registration / $400 for college credit
Accounting 101: Financial Accounting
Accounting 102: Intro to Managerial Accounting
Accounting 301: Applied Managerial Accounting
Accounting 201: Intermediate Accounting I
Accounting 202: Intermediate Accounting II
Accounting 303: Cost Accounting
StudycomLimited$199 per month, save 30% with HS4CC coupon code.
Financial AccountingSophiaLimited$99 per month. 10% off with HS4CC coupon
Financial AccountingCLEP ExamGoodFree voucher
Personal Finance*Blue Ridge CTCExcellent$25 per credit
Quick Books*Blue Ridge CTCExcellent$25 per credit
* graded regionally accredited college


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