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High School & College Credit in Biology

Looking for a way to get high school and college credit in Biology? Here’s the a list!

Option 1: Look local! Always start with this option for highest level of transfer, lowest cost, and best flexibility. Your local community college probably offers “dual enrollment” courses open to high school students, and sometimes they offer reduced for free tuition. Courses taken this way are transferred later into your target college.

Option 2: Out of state dual enrollment list. The colleges on this list will have “excellent” transferability like your local options, but you’ll have to participate remotely. Our list is open to students in any state, with the costs as low as $25 per credit. Courses taken this way are transferred later into your target college.

Option 3: Alternative credits the resources below are “alternative” ways of earning high school and college credit. Alternative credits transferability is ranked as follows: good, limited, very limited, special, not recommended as a general guideline, BUT, if you choose a partner college, then transfer is guaranteed.

BIO100 The Living WorldASU ULexcellent$425
BiologyCLEP Examgoodfree with voucher
Biology 101 Intro to Biology (with or without lab)Studycomlimitedabout $100
Biology 106: PathophysiologyStudycomlimitedabout $100
Biology 105: Anatomy & Physiology (no lab) Studycomlimitedabout $100
Biology 201L: Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab Studycomlimitedabout $100
Biology 202L: Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab Studycomlimitedabout $100
Biology 103 Microbiology (with or without lab)Studycomlimitedabout $100
Biology 102: Basic Genetics Studycomlimitedabout $100
AP BiologyAP Examgoodabout $100
Human BiologySophialimitedabout $100
Human Biology LabSophialimitedabout $100
Introduction to Life Processes Coopersmithvery limited$150
BIO101: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular BiologySaylor Academylimited$5
Introduction to Biology Straigherlinelimitedabout $100
Anatomy and PhysiologyStraigherlinelimitedabout $100
Biology 101Onlinedegreecomvery limited$9
General BiologyWescottexcellentabout $500
Human Anatomy (with or without lab)Wescottexcellentabout $500
Human Physiology (with or without lab)Wescottexcellentabout $500
Microbiology (with or without lab)Wescottexcellentabout $500
Biology Gatewaylimitedabout $100
Introduction to BiologyDavarvery limitedabout $100
Introduction to Biology (BIO-101-TE)TECEPspecial transferabout $150


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