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Featured Course: Introduction to Network Analysis

I want to tell you about an exciting entry level course for your tech-minded teen starting on March 10th. In this course, your teen will learn to measure and analyze social networks! This course is worth 3 UPPER LEVEL college credits and only 4 weeks long. Best of all, I’ve got a great coupon for you.

Introduction to Network Analysis (4 weeks)

3 upper level college credits / 1 high school credit

Eligibility: No prerequisites, no placement tests, no high school transcript required. Any age/grade.

Tuition: $699

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This course will teach you a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods for describing, measuring, and analyzing social networks. . Students learn how to identify influential individuals, track the spread of information through networks, and how to use these techniques on real problems.

Instructor is Dr. Jennifer Golbeck

Dr. Jennifer Golbeck is an Associate Professor in the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, and the former director of its Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Her research focuses on analyzing and computing with social media. This includes building models of social relationships, particularly trust, as well as user preferences and attributes, and using the results to design and build systems that improve the way people interact with information online. She is a Research Fellow of the Web Science Research Initiative and in 2006, she was selected as one of IEEE Intelligent Systems’ Top Ten to Watch, a list of their top young AI researchers.


In addition to assigned readings, this course also has supplemental video lectures and supplemental readings available online.

Course Text

The required text for this course is Analyzing the Social Web by Jennifer Golbeck.

Please order a copy of your course textbook prior to course start date.


The required software is Gephi ( Windows users may also want to get NodeXL ( Both are free.

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