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Pro Tip: Make 2 Transcripts

Of all the various tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, the one that has proved itself time and time again is to make and keep 2 transcripts for your teen. I use one copy as my “working copy” and the second as my “official copy.” This is super useful, easy to do, and allows me to plan (again) upcoming classes.

If you don’t already have a transcript template created and saved on your computer, let’s do that first. I’ve created a free 30-minute demonstration that teaches you click-by-click using MS Word or Google Docs. You’ll get your file set up and ready to go. Over 10,000 of our parents have built their transcript this way! Build a HS4CC Transcript Template

Your “Official” copy is ready to go in a moment’s notice. It has everything past and present, it also has courses that are in progress and those that are registered for. Only credits and grades EARNED appear on the official copy, and the GPA or credit totals represent only those completed. The official copy never includes planned but not registered courses, and it never includes the number of projected credits. It’s a snapshot of the exact academic record in real time. If you were required to provide a transcript, you would simply sign, date, and send this copy.

Before I used a second copy (I call it my “working copy”) I used to make my son’s plans on his official copy. I’d play around with possible credits and classes, test out different titles, etc. This made for an exceptionally stressful semester each time I had to go in and get his transcript ready to send. I had to think back about what was actually on the version I sent in and make sure I hadn’t made any changes that would invalidate his official transcript.

The “Working” copy is the perfect place to include all the courses you’re considering, under the year you’re considering them, the potential credit earned, and even where the courses will come from. Having 2 transcripts has made my administration of the transcript so much easier- I hope it helps you too!

How-To Copy a File

To copy your transcript file, find your file location on your computer, right click and select “copy.

Then, right click again and select “paste” to create a duplicate. You can change the names and assign one as the “working copy” and the other your “official copy.”

Visit the HS4CC Transcript Resource Page for more tools!


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