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LAST CALL! Round 2 Free RA Credit

In December we were given an amazing opportunity by to serve as testers for their new program. They are an RA college in California that has recently expanded to offer dual enrollment. 30 HS4CC teens are enrolled right now in their free class. Yesterday I received feedback that our group was doing OUTSTANDING. Drum roll… they’ve given us 30 more seats for April 10th!

PARENTS must attend the MANDATORY ONLINE ORIENTATION to qualify their student for registration into this program.

The Details

The HS4CC community is often invited to beta test for colleges and businesses, so if you’ve ever done this with us before, you know how rewarding it is to be part of the building process. Your teen may be asked for their feedback, and it’s a fun way to get “paid” for your participation by being given free tuition!

Homeschooling for College Credit community (that’s you!) has been invited to serve as testers for Our teens in 11th or 12th grade may choose ONE of the classes available for 3 college credits. THERE IS NO COST, this arrangement is completely free for your teen.

We currently have a cohort of about 30 students in the program doing their free course. The feedback regarding these live courses has been really great HS4CC teens produce high quality work, have above average engagement level, and excelling academically. Keep in mind this is a new program, so a few small bumps are to be expected, but they are quick and proactive when it comes to making these courses as perfect as possible.

Students who complete the course will be given a significant discount on future dual enrollment courses if they choose to continue.

PARENTS must attend one of the MANDATORY ONLINE ORIENTATION to qualify their student for registration into this program.

Courses Available (Start April 10)

 Courses run 11 weeks.

  1. BUSN. 140 Entrepreneurship at 3pm ET on Wednesdays and Friday. 
  2. BUSN 101 Intro to Business
  3. BUSN 180 Macro Economics
  4. BUSN 160 Intro to Marketing
  5. ENGL 100 Composition
  6. GE 100 Introduction to Logic & Critical Thinking
  7. MATH 100 College Math
  8. ACCT 100 Financial Accounting Highlights

  • Regionally accredited by WASC
  • As a regionally accredited college, the credits earned should transfer well into other colleges that accept transfer credit.
  • Live, online, face-to-face classes taught by professors who also teach at leading colleges such as UT Austin, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, and others
  • Dual enrollment students get free access to math and writing tutoring 
  • Student success coaches available for support dual enrollment students throughout the program
  • Modern, intuitive online platform

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses mean a student receives credit from two places. First, as a homeschool, you’ll award high school credit for your student. The high school credit awarded is up to you, but awarding 1 credit for each college course is typical. Second, the college ( will award the college credit. Campus is a regionally accredited college and will record the college credit on their college transcript. If your student has never taken a dual enrollment course, I encourage you to read more about college-based dual enrollment on the HS4CC Dual Enrollment Page.

High School Category

ENG100 Composition: 1 English/Language Arts credit

MATH100: 1 Mathematics credit

BUSN180: 1 Economics credit

all other BUSN/ACCT/GE: 1 Elective credit

What your Teen can Expect from a Live Class Model


“All classes in the Campus program are live so that you can directly interact with professors and peers. We keep things engaging by holding lively discussions and debates, breakout sessions, forums, and more.”


“Benefit from unprecedented access to professors from world-class universities and accomplished TAs through live 1:1 office hours. Faculty are available every week so you can make connections, build rapport, and deepen your knowledge.”

What your Teen should NOT Expect

Perfection. This is a new program. There will be hiccups and imperfections in the course, and your teen’s feedback is valuable. Testing is the way a program improves, so if you want to be part of the improvement process AND get 3 free college credits, sign up for the orientation and we’ll see you there!

PARENTS must attend one of the MANDATORY ONLINE ORIENTATION to qualify their student for registration into this program.

How to Sign Up

STEP 1: REGISTER FOR ORIENTATION Parents must attend one of the available required orientation sessions (live on Zoom). The orientation will cover the classes, how they work, the syllabus, instructors, etc. You do not have to pick a class before the orientation, you’ll do that when you register.

I HIGHLY recommend attending the first session and applying immediately since we only have 30 spots and it is first-come-first-served. This cohort will fill very quickly.

(OPTION 1) Thursday March 16, 2023 at 3:00pm EST

(OPTION 2) Monday March 20, 2023 at 3:00pm EST

(OPTION 3) Thursday March 23, 2023 at 5:00pm EST

STEP 2: REGISTER FOR THE CLASS Homeschooling for College Credit teens in 11th or 12th grade are eligible to participate. The registration deadline is March 24th, but register as soon as you can to assure your spot in a course.

STEP 3: CLASSES BEGIN: April 10, 2023


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit