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Teaser: University of the People Accreditation

University of the People is in the process of obtaining regional accreditation (RA is the gold standard) which will be a game-changer for their program. Best of all, we have already started working with them on new programs that will benefit our Homeschooling for College Credit community. I expect big things from this university in 2023-2024.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit

5 thoughts on “Teaser: University of the People Accreditation

  1. Hello, will the RA apply to the MBA program as well, and is this important for MBAs? How far out are they from obtaining this? And if you start the MBA before they receive it, does it still apply to the MBA you get?

    1. RA will cover an entire institution, so the first answer is yes. The importance of RA vs NA is really dependant on a million factors, and I would say that there are absolutely times when it matters and doesn’t matter. We could chat about that more if you like. The last answer is that the accreditation in place ON YOUR GRADUATION date is the accreditation your degree has. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks for your quick response and offering to chat. I took the convo to Messenger if that’s ok. Otherwise I can continue it here.

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