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ASU Study Hall Program

Study Hall (SH) is a separate learning offering recently launched by Arizona State University that utilizes Universal Learner Courses (UL). Building on an existing partnership, ASU, Crash Course, and YouTube have launched Study Hall, which aims to become the destination for college hopefuls to understand how to navigate college, explore majors and fields of study, and start earning credits for first-year college general education requirements with as little friction as possible.

The courses are identical between the Study Hall and Universal Learner platforms, however, the videos for the UL and their SH doppelgangers are unlocked on YouTube, allowing students to preview the course content on YouTube before officially signing up for the course, whether on UL or SH. Once the student is satisfied with the course, they can sign up and pay $25 to officially start the course and access assignments. Both platforms allow students to pay $25 to start a course, with the ability to withdraw and get a refund if they don’t like it, within the first 10 days of the course. Both programs allow students to take the entire course and then determine if they want to put the course on an official Arizona State University transcript if they like the final grade, by paying $400. If the student does not pay the $400, no record of the course exists – we call this “GPA Protection”!

What Courses are Available?

Currently, there are 4 courses listed on the Study Hall site: English 101, College Math, US History to 1865, and Communications. There are 12 total courses planned for the platform at this time. The Universal Learner program has far more classes. Since the courses are the same between platforms, but the UL side has far more courses, we still suggest homeschool students sign up via the HS4CC portal, which will automatically grant students access to any extra courses available only to our portal. There is no fee to sign up, and we do not profit or make any money from the HS4CC portal – it is a free service to our homeschool community, supported on our side entirely by volunteers. See more details on how to sign up below. Once you get an ASURITE ID it will be good for both the Study Hall and the Universal Learner Courses.

Can I earn a degree using just Study Hall or UL Courses?

While there are a few courses that are upper level (Junior and Senior level courses typically are 300-400 numbered courses) on the UL program that lead to a certificate, most of the courses offered by both Study Hall and Universal Learner programs are lower level courses intended either to meet general education requirements, such as English, Maths, and Sciences, or they’re courses designed for career exploration. There are not enough courses offered to complete an entire Bachelor’s Degree at this time. However, once a student has completed at least 24 credits with a 2.75 GPA or higher, they’re eligible for automatic admissions. The student must still go through the formal admissions process, however, as homeschoolers it’s a bit easier. Please join our HS4CC with ASU Courses group for additional information, as this has been discussed at length in our group! Once admitted, a student can continue on their degree path, utilizing any courses that fit the degree plan of their choice towards their Bachelor’s degree. ASU has a large list of online degrees, in addition to those offered on campus. Please see the ASU site for more information.

Is My Student a Fully Enrolled ASU Student via Study Hall or UL?

No. Students solely utilizing these programs are considered “visiting students”. As such, they do not have full access to all ASU programs, services, and housing, nor are they eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Students CAN earn automatic admissions to ASU by completing the admissions process, as described above.

Have More Questions about Study Hall?

There is an FAQ that should answer most questions on the Study Hall site. Or visit our Facebook group linked below! We’ve had MANY discussions about Study Hall and you will find the latest syllabi for these courses in the Files section of the group.

What is the Universal Learner (UL) program?

ASU’s Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, is a unicorn in the college world. Students of any age in any part of the world can sign up for regionally accredited (the gold standard) college courses with no hassles, no need to send your transcripts, no red tape, no placement tests, and no risk to a student’s GPA. If the student doesn’t get the grade they want, simply do not pay the $400 at the end of the course and there is no record of the course. Retake the courses as many times as needed for just a minimal $25 sign-up fee. Find out the full scope of the program.

How to Sign Up as a New Student:

For more detailed information about how to sign up for to take courses in the Universal Learner program, formerly known as the Earned Admissions program, please visit our post “How to Sign up for ASU Earned Admissions Courses”. Again, please note that students in the HS4CC portal have access to ALL of the courses in the regular Universal Learner portal, but will occasionally have extra course offerings, such as Poetry in America. The list of courses on the sign-up page is just a sample of what’s available and is not the full list available to HS4CC students in their dashboard. We do not make any money from this program in any way. The HS4CC portal was created to facilitate special offerings from ASU.

Join our HS4CC with ASU Courses Facebook group on Facebook for help selecting courses, course reviews and discussions, and much more!