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HS4CC Transcript Template

The HS4CC transcript template is a free and easy to build option that allows you to house all your teen’s high school and college credit on 1 page. As an example, my youngest son’s transcript on this template holds 38 high school credits and over 60 college credits in size 11 font.

30 Minute Build Tutorial

I’ve created a 30 minute build tutorial that allows you to work with me click-by-click using MS Word, Google Docs, or Open Office on your own computer to create your own template. At the end of the tutorial is also a blank downloadable/printable template and several downloadable/printable examples of well-written examples. Once you build your template, you’ll be ready to make entries every year! There is no cost to take this class or create the transcript, it’s our gift to you.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit