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New Course & Coupon from Sophia!

U.S. Government is the newest course from Sophia! We have the breakdown, college credit info, and a coupon to save a few dollars. coupon –> HS4CC23

U.S. Government, 3 college credits

Sophia’s U.S. Government course provides students with a complete insight into the structure and workings of the federal government. Students will develop the skills needed to critically evaluate the impact of government on society.

This course is BRAND NEW. We don’t have feedback yet, but if your teen enrolls, please take a moment to send me an email with your feedback so we can share that here with everyone.

Assignments & grading

This is a pass/fail course.

U.S. Government is broken down like this:

17 “Challenges” which are short and quick multiple choice questions that allow multiple attempts to get the answers correct. Always strive for 100% on these.

5 “Milestones” which are bigger tests. Your Milestone is a test pulled from the smaller questions you just answered in the Challenges. First, you can also take the “practice” version before the real version. You get 1 attempt on these, so do your best.

2 “Touchstones” Project-based or written homework graded by a human. These will slow you down (eat days in your subscription) unless you use our Inactive Account Strategy explained here. When you activate your account, use code HS4CC to get 10%.

The course objective is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the structure and workings of the federal government. The course is designed to help students develop the skills needed to examine and critically evaluate the impact of government on society. The course examines the framework of the federal government, including the development and evolution of the U.S. Constitution, federalism, and the structure and powers of the institutions of the federal government. The course also explores the American political system, with a focus on voting and elections, political parties, interest groups, and media.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Summarize the origins and core values of the U.S. democracy
  • Understand how the public engages with the U.S. political system
  • Develop a political position regarding major issues in U.S. government policy
  • Convey the roles and powers of the three branches of the federal government

General Topics:

  • Introduction to Government
  • The U.S. Constitution
  • Federalism
  • The Congress
  • The Presidency
  • The Bureaucracy
  • The Federal Judiciary
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Voting and Participation
  • Political Parties
  • Interest Groups
  • Public Opinion
  • The Media
  • Civil Liberties
  • Civil Rights
  • Domestic Policy
  • Foreign Policy

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  1. Do you know how many credits this course is? I ask as I have a state requirement to fill for government. Thank you.

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