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You Have to Think Differently

In 2023, nearly 50% of all students who start college won’t EVER finish a degree, that’s terrible odds. While there aren’t any guarantees, there are 3 things you can do right now to improve your teen’s chances.

Bring the Goal Post Closer

This is really the cornerstone of Homeschooling for College Credit and how you can make the biggest impact on your student finishing their degree. When you bring college credit into your teen’s high school program, you have the opportunity to resourcefully plan that credit so it counts later toward their degree. When done carefully, every credit they earn now can bring the goal post (degree) closer.

Avoid Burn Out

In 2020, the average time it takes to complete a 4-year degree is 6 years!!! Finishing is hard, and people run out of steam. The average Homeschooling for College Credit family knocks out 1 year of college in high school (30 college credits). Resourceful parents with motivated teens can complete 2 or more years in high school. Teens graduating with 1-2 years of college already finished are ready to start their “fun courses” in their major, and can already see the finish line. They’re already finishing up before they start burning out.

Proof of Concept

Dropping out or failing out are most common during the first 2 years (20 classes/60 credits) of college. Aside from the deep feeling of shame, often student loan debt (without the credential) is an extra sting. When parents bring those first 2 years into their homeschool (high school) it’s a simple addition to a regular homeschool program. Teaching and nurturing through this new experience allows parents to help with the normal early obstacles. In cases where these normal obstacles might derail other students, your student gains independence and maturity in their own home. Students who come out on the other end have demonstrated a proof of concept. Parents and teens can move forward with the confidence their teen is ready, willing and able to handle the hard work necessary to finish their degree. For teens who aren’t ready, willing, or able, the parent is not caught off guard or surprised, rather they can modify their plan.


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