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HS4CC Advertising Policy & How to Place an Ad with Us

Before you share that link, HS4CC has a few guidelines we follow to help keep your groups safe and transparent. Any post or comment that asks the reader to take action is an advertisement. Posting an ad without approval is a no-no.

Full standards document may be viewed here

Advertising & Marketing Policy

HS4CC Definition of an advertisement:  Any post or comment that asks the reader to take action. 

If your post or comment includes any of these examples, you are placing an ad. Whether or not the product is free or paid, and whether or not you are paid, does not matter. Ads require preapproval.

Examples of advertisements:

  • Click this link 
  • Register for this event
  • Watch this video
  • Use this coupon
  • Send your name
  • Send your email
  • Send your RSVP
  • Learn more 
  • Joining any (non-HS4CC) Facebook group
  • Take this survey
  • Buy this ticket
  • Download this free guide/book
  • Subscribe
  1. Pre-approved advertisements: (free or paid) Moderators and administrators are the only members of HS4CC that are fully authorized and preapproved to share all links or posts. 
  1. Unapproved advertisements: (free or paid) anything posted by a member that includes an action must be approved. Without prior approval, your post violates our advertising policy.  

Moderators may remove any post that links outside the group or is perceived as a solicitation. Moderators can place members on post-approval or remove them entirely from any HS4CC group at their discretion.

Yes! We do allow paid advertisements in our Facebook groups, blog, or other social media platforms. Not all advertisements are approved. To request an advertising rate package or have your ad considered, send your request to HS4CC Executive Director, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa at 


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