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June Celebration!

It’s that time of the month and we want to hear about your wins!  Did your teen earn college credit this month?  Did they do something cool? Did they graduate?  Share below so we can celebrate with you!

Big Celebrations & Extra Encouragement

Hannah’s Story: Bachelor’s Degree at 18

As the school year comes to an end, our normal monthly celebrations are not only including college credit celebrations, but GRADUATION stories too! Hannah Joy from Florida sent me her Homeschooling for College Credit graduation story, and while she gave me permission to cut and trim, I decided that each and every word she wrote…

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Debt-free Bachelor’s at 19: Aviendha’s Story

Share with deep gratitude to Courtney, our HS4CC Pennsylvania moderator, for her willingness to share her daughter’s amazing story. Aviendha’s Degree Completion Path A little background: My name is Courtney, and I was homeschooled my entire life. I took my GED (one of the few options at that time) and graduated at age 16. I…

Aurek the Opportunist

HS4CC dad Gordon F. gets honest about how his son earned college credits, what it cost, why they chose the college they did, and how their boy graduated with his associate degree this month! Thank you Gordon for allowing me to ask you questions about your son’s degree and your willingness to share the details…


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