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What’s Going on in your State?

If you’d like to know if your state is considering things like expanding dual enrollment programs, offering apprenticeships, or changing access for homeschoolers, I’ve linked you to the State of the State Address. Good stuff!

Interesting highlights:

Colorado reported that as a result of high school students earning college credit, they estimated a $53 million tuition savings by the students.

Georgia increased their HOPE scholarships to fund 100% of tuition costs.

Massachusetts announced the MassReconnect program which will offer free community college to students over 25 who don’t have a college degree.

Missouri proposed to invest $3 million dollars in Apprenticeship Missouri to expand apprenticeship opportunities with a focus on IT, public health, education, and public safety, among others.

South Carolina proposed a freeze on college tuition for in-state students.

Look up your state here. See anything our HS4CC needs to know? If so, let me know!


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  1. USC – Lancaster (SC) – is offering free books for the Fall semester through a grant from the Lancaster County Commission on Higher Education. (from a non facebook member)

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