3 thoughts on “Best U.S. History Class?

  1. CLEP, though US History 2 is a bit more challenging making sure they know the pop culture. My son easily aced US 1 at 12yo along with DSST Civil War, but US 2 he had to actually study at 17yo to get likely the equivalent to a B+.

  2. My oldest is the only one who has gone through US History I. We used CLEP, and it was fine. I have gotten the impression as she has done more dual enrollment and college level classes that a college course would have been a lot less time and energy in the end though. But a college course is so final. Once you have that grade, there is no re-take; with CLEP, there is.

    Also, I recently discovered the following and think they add a great introduction (sign posts for future, deeper learning). I am using these to prepare my younger two for now (as middle and grade schoolers) for later high school history. They are completely engaged in them. I cannot recommend them enough:

    History2u.com http://history2u.com/ :
    * The American Testimony (10 full length videos on two disks or one stick drive, about 20 hours)
    * United States Government Origin, Structure and Intent

    Also a separate DVD, but easily found on ebay:

    * A More Perfect Union: American Becomes a Nation

    This one is so well done. It is produced by Brigham Young University.

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