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Webinar: Help me Start

Join me on August 16th for the first-ever HS4CC HELP ME START webinar! This is for those of you new to Homeschooling for College Credit who haven’t earned any college credit but are ready to jump in this year! Let me help you get over the idea that you need to do a bunch of deep planning before you start – nope, you can start asap!

This START event will help you learn some the “big picture” basics, and also look at the things that you shouldn’t even worry about at this stage. Whatever your hesitation, I assure you we all felt that same hesitation before we started. This event is going to help you sort through the “how, why, and when” of bringing college credit into your homeschool.

The key skills parents develop at this stage:

  • types of college credit available
  • how to compare the types of credit
  • learning the “language” of college jargon
  • how to find answers to your questions
  • Teens in this category begin earning their first 9 college credits!

Wednesday, AUGUST 16, 2023

11:00 am EST – 11:30 am EST (Question & answer period to follow)

This event is free but we have a cap on our capacity, so registration is required.

Homeschooling for College Credit (HS4CC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and advancing access to postsecondary education for homeschooling families through resourceful high school planning. Homeschooling for College Credit is led by more than 55 volunteers who selflessly serve our mission. Jennifer Cook-DeRosa founded the organization in 2012 and serves as the organization’s Executive Director.


Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit