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LIVE Math Event for HS4CC Parents

When Gabriel O’Neale (homeschooled as a child who is now a math teacher in Texas) told me about his math event on Zoom, I knew it was worth sharing with all of you! His event is THIS WEEK and he’s holding it over 3 days (Tue-Wed-Thu). If you attend all 3 days, our teen will get free math tutoring as a “thank you” gift. Details below.

This is not a sponsored post, I am just thrilled to share that we’ve connected with a math tutor who is a fan of HS4CC, loves teaching, and teaches that not all kids need tons of math! You heard that correctly! HS4CC has had that opinion for years, but how awesome is it to have what we teach reinforced by a math professional?

Gabriel is a former homeschool kid who became a math teacher as an adult. He is now a dad himself and an enthusiastic advocates for teaching math to homeschoolers. He has started a BRAND NEW math business, and has offered to graciously give 20 of our HS4CC families free math tutoring if they attend all 3 days. We are thrilled to accept that offer! I want to encourage you to attend this event if you think your teen would benefit from free or paid live math support this year.

WHAT: A 3 day virtual, live event for parents who want to guide their high school student into higher salaries and fulfilling careers…without needing to be an expert in math, education, or career counseling along the way. 


WHEN: 4-5pm Eastern (Tuesday August 15 – 17th)

How much math does your student ACTUALLY need? Watch a short video of Gabriel answering that question.

We look forward to bringing you more events by Gabriel in the future, and he’s even agreed to design special topics for us (can anyone say possible “CLEP prep” class?) This is going to be a great opportunity, see you there!



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