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Need Your Help: Cheapest Dual Enrollment

Do you have a favorite dual enrollment program that also has a great price? Each year I publish a list on our HS4CC website page called “Cheapest Dual Enrollment.” Since so many families do NOT have access to free or low cost local dual enrollment locally, this list is super important. Send me your suggestion using the form in this post.

NOTE: Some programs will not qualify for our list because they are not open to the public at large. For instance, in North Carolina, all 58 community colleges offer free tuition in an unlimited amount to high school students, but that program is only open to NC residents. Programs like that would not be eligible for this list, even though they are super helpful to our NC families.

COLLEGES: If you represent a college or university, please fill out the BLUE form below. We invite all colleges and universities to be included in our directory at no cost to your institution.

PARENTS: Fill out the yellow form below. Please include the best link to the page so I can collect the information.




Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit