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Last day to register for LIVE! BIG Transcript Course

Today is the last day to register for the HS4CC BIG Transcript Course! We’ll meet for 2 intensive hours tomorrow (Saturday August 19th) for the live event over Zoom, and then enjoy 365 days of unlimited access to the self-paced version to use as many times as you need. If you’ve EVER taken this course (live or self-paced), you’re welcome to join us at this event as my guest. (details inside)

The HS4CC course goes beyond simply providing guidance on how to “fill in the blanks” on a random template you found online. This is a comprehensive session that teaches you the reasoning behind why your transcript contains (and shouldn’t contain) each component. The HS4CC method will help you develop the skills to handle strong intuition that will carry you through all 4 years of high school.

  • August 19th (Saturday)
  • 10:00am EST – 12:00pm EST
  • Brief question and answer period to follow.
  • Registration $45
  • By Jennifer Cook-DeRosa
  • PART 1: Transcripts & Record Keeping
    • What is a transcript? What is it not?
    • Homeschool record keeping.
    • Sending transcripts to the college.
    • Where does a transcript come from?
    • What to put on the transcript, and what to leave off.
  • PART 2: Format & Grade Point Average
    • Why unique transcripts make a poor impression.
    • What goes in the header and footer.
    • How to enter courses on any template.
    • Weighted Honors GPA / College GPA / AP GPA
    • Unweighted GPA.
    • How to use a GPA calculator.
  • PART 3: All the Credits
    • What counts as 1 high school credit? (5 methods you can use)
    • Why is dual enrollment special?
    • When to use the 3:1 ratio and when not to.
    • Using blending homeschool & DE courses for high school credit.
    • Converting dual enrollment into high school credit.
    • When and how to round high school and college credits.
    • Recording dual enrollment on a homeschool transcript.
    • Recording credit by exam (CLEP, DSST, AP, UExcel, TECEP, ACTFL)
    • Recording ACE credit (Sophia, Studycom, Straighterline, Saylor, etc.)
    • Recording continuing education / adult education/MOOC courses.
    • Recording remedial courses.
  • PART 4: Course Titles, Descriptions, and Examples
    • Writing course titles.
    • Writing course descriptions.
    • Case Studies.
  • PART 5: Question & Answer Period (live version only)
  • PART 6: Take home & Homework
    • Template Building Mini-Course
    • Blank Template
    • Well-written Samples & Examples
    • HS4CC Transcript Support Group
    • Email support & follow-up

Transcript Course Alumni?

If you’ve ever taken this transcript intensive course, you’re invited this event on Saturday August 19th as my guest! Come back and get a refresher, ask questions, or just hang out- I’d love to have you. Drop me an email and I’ll take care of the rest.



Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit