2 thoughts on “HS4CC Question: Academic Readiness?

  1. This is my biggest concern … my 15 yo son (10th grade) is very bright and tested into local university at the beginning of 8th grade but has Inattentive ADHD, slow processing and anxiety. He has been taking college online self pace courses and doing some CLEP but needs to get into DE for Calculus/Physics in person and for the tutoring help. He scored 690 on ELA portion of SAT but can’t write a 4 paragraph essay on his opinions in 30 mins, struggles with taking notes, etc… I’m still trying to figure out how to set him up for success especially in the first course to boost his confidence.

    1. Hi Marie,
      Your son is still very young. I would keep teaching English as a homeschool course and building his writing skills without the pressure of college grades. If he attends DE locally for the Calc/Physics course, they will also provide access to tutoring and support, so my advice is to look into these options before you decide to enroll and have a support plan in place before he starts. There really is no hurry, he has this year plus two more!