#8 Unbound / Lumerit Scholar / College Plus

#8 Unbound / Lumerit Scholar/ College Plus
Limited Transfer

Note:  most of the Unbound / Lumerit Scholar catalog is not worth college credit but the cost is the same – if you’re homeschooling for college credit, be sure to note that only the courses below are ACE evaluated for college credit.

Partner Colleges:  Lumerit Scholar does not provide a list of partnership colleges on their website. While they do state that they have written degree maps to “over 1000 colleges” please confirm with target colleges in advance to confirm transferability.

Cost:  Lumerit’s value is in their ancillary services offered to the family, not in cost savings on college credit.  Unbound/Lumerit charges $7,500 per year for access to their coaching service and 7 ACE courses.

SOC240: Community Service Learning
BUS201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENG131: Composition and Reading I
ENG131: Composition and Reading II
PHIL113: Comparative Worldviews
PSI131: Earth Science, Earth Science with Lab
COMM396: Leadership and Management Com (not upper level)
COMM394: Leadership Theory and Practice (not upper level)
SOSCI280: Social Justice from a Biblical Perspective

This content is reprinted from Chapter 2 of Homeschooling for College Credit 2nd Edition.


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