#8 Unbound / Lumerit Scholar / College Plus

#8 Unbound / Lumerit Scholar/ College Plus
Limited Transfer

What is Lumerit?  Lumerit (previously called Lumerit Scholar, previous to that called College Plus) is a degree planning company that helps you line up your CLEP exams and classes to match a degree. For a yearly fee, they’ll help you select exams that you can transfer to your college by checking your target college’s transfer policy.  They also offer a catalog of ACE classes you can complete online.

Regionally Transcripted:  Unbound/Lumerit Scholar uses very careful wording that can confuse or even mislead parents if they’re not especially savvy.  “Regionally Transcripted” is the term they’ve created to explain their credit laundering process.  Make no mistake, only colleges can be Regionally Accredited.  “Regionally transcripted” is their marketing term explaining how they’ll place courses you complete with them on the transcript at a Regionally Accredited college. This plan works if you plan to FINISH a degree at a college they are partnering with, but you won’t be able to transfer the credit OUT of the partner college to use at a different college.  Read how credit laundering can backfire. 

Classes:  7 of their courses have been ACE evaluated for college credit.  The other courses in their catalog are not transferable.

Partner Colleges:  Lumerit Scholar does not provide a list of partnership colleges on their website. Please contact your target college directly to see if they accept Lumerit courses for college credit.  (do not ask Lumerit, do this yourself)

Cost:  Unbound/Lumerit charges $5,400-7,500 per year for consulting / degree planning and their courses (see below).  To compare their cost against other ACE providers, Homeschooling for College Credit parents generally spend $3,000 or less for their first 90 credits.  Using Unbound, you’ll spend $5,400 for your first 24 credits.

SOC240: Community Service Learning
BUS201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENG131: Composition and Reading I
ENG131: Composition and Reading II
PHIL113: Comparative Worldviews
PSI131: Earth Science, Earth Science with Lab
COMM396: Leadership and Management Com (not upper level)
COMM394: Leadership Theory and Practice (not upper level)
SOSCI280: Social Justice from a Biblical Perspective

This content is reprinted from Chapter 2 of Homeschooling for College Credit 2nd Edition.


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