#8 Unbound / Lumerit Scholar / College Plus

#8 Unbound / Lumerit Scholar/ College Plus
Limited Transfer

Note:  most of the Unbound / Lumerit Scholar catalog is not worth college credit but the cost is the same – if you’re homeschooling for college credit, be sure to note that only the courses below are ACE evaluated for college credit.

Partner Colleges:  Lumerit Scholar does not provide a list of partnership colleges on their website. While they do state that they have written degree maps to “over 1000 colleges” that is a marketing statement only.  Since Lumerit has several ACE evaluated courses, those courses should be accepted anywhere ACE credit is accepted.

The “REAL” ACE College List

What is ACE credit?

Cost:  Lumerit’s value is in their ancillary services offered to the family, not in cost savings on college credit.  Unbound/Lumerit charges $7,500 for access to their coaching and ACE courses.  Note that if you completed their entire list of ACE courses (below) for 27 credits, your cost per credit is $277.  This is more than double the cost of most community colleges, on par with most state universities, and 25x the cost of most ACE credit.

SOC240: Community Service Learning
BUS201: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENG131: Composition and Reading I
ENG131: Composition and Reading II
PHIL113: Comparative Worldviews
PSI131: Earth Science, Earth Science with Lab
COMM396: Leadership and Management Com (not upper level)
COMM394: Leadership Theory and Practice (not upper level)
SOSCI280: Social Justice from a Biblical Perspective

This content is reprinted from Chapter 2 of Homeschooling for College Credit 2nd Edition.


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