Unbound / formerly Lumerit Scholar/ formerly College Plus

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July 2020 Following Pearson’s acquisition of Lumerit (which included the brand Unbound), Unbound has since been divested and operates as its own entity that is very different from the previous program. Lumerit is fully retired.

What is Be Unbound?  Unbound is currently a non-denominational Christian leadership program that focuses on leadership courses and development (in person and online) while making college credit options and academic advising available to students through the Pearson Accelerated Pathways program. (Unbound is no longer College Plus or Lumerit)

After meeting with Ben Billups, Chief Marketing Officer, he carefully explained that this is a shift in focus away from college credit /degree attainment, and instead on their larger leadership program.  “Unbound still offers a wide variety of academic services, including regionally transcripted college credit and degree plans, but now places more emphasis on Christian leadership development. The emphasis on Christian leadership and Christian community is the primary differentiator now.”

NOTE:  Don’t mix this company up with the non-profit College Unbound 

Regionally Transcripted:   “Regionally Transcripted” is the term that explains a credit laundering process.  Only a college can be Regionally Accredited, not a business. As such, “Regionally Transcripted” is a marketing term that explains how their business uses partner colleges to record their courses onto an official college transcript. These courses are not Regionally Accredited.

College Credit:  Unbound asked me NOT to publicize information about what schools they use.

“We cannot publicize information about accredited schools, so we need this paragraph to be removed” -Victoria Grant, Director of Content and Coaching

From Jennifer: Prior to receiving this email today, I included Unbound’s entry in the “Excellent Transferability” section of my 30 Ways to Earn College Credit page. Now, without being able to verify the transferability of their credits, it puts me in the very bad position of asking you to “take my word for it” which I won’t do. Everything I ever post here is verified by me and verifiable by everyone. As such, before considering this program, I strongly urge you to require their disclosure as to whether or not (1) they have a written partnership currently in place with a regionally accredited college – get it in writing (2) your courses will appear as original graded credit on that college’s official transcript – email the college’s Registrar and confirm. Without that information, you can not make an informed decision. -Jennifer Cook-DeRosa

Classes:  Though this is a non-denominational Christian program, their college credit courses are secular (with the exception of their 3 leadership courses and their non-credit life courses which were developed by Unbound.)  If you previously reviewed their program when it operated as Lumerit or College Plus, they had a small set of  academic courses taught from a Christian worldview, but those were discontinued by Pearson.  Currently, Unbound does not write their own courses, they serve as the middle man for Pearson’s Accelerated Pathways. If you didn’t want or need their leadership courses, you could take the same courses directly through the Pearson Accelerated Pathways program.

Cost:  Since Unbound is not a college, you can’t use financial aid to pay for Unbound courses.

  • $8,500 per year (9 college credits)
  • $9,500 per year (15 college credits)
  • $11,500 per year (30 college credits)