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Jennifer’s inspirational teaching style encourages parents to make the most of their teen’s high school career by injecting college credit, building an exit strategy, and stepping forward as their teen’s best guidance counselor.

Homeschool Specialist | Former College Administrator | Strategic advisor to universities on homeschooling | Non-traditional college credit expert | Homeschool Advisory Committee Member at multiple colleges


The Homeschooling for College Credit brand began in 2012 as a Facebook fan page to augment the release of the book, Homeschooling for College Credit written by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa.  By 2015, we were a thriving online community of support groups for parents in all 50 states and over 40 volunteers leading our Facebook groups.

Jennifer’s personal back-story


The mission of Homeschooling for College Credit is to help parents resourcefully plan their high school and college programs.

Views & Opinions

As a social organization, thousands of people post their opinions and thoughts in our community every day. The views and opinions expressed in those comments or posts does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Jennifer Cook-DeRosa or Homeschooling for College Credit.

Advertising Violations

Attempting to advertise your product, service, organization, or business in our HS4CC community without permission will result in immediate removal of your advertisement and possible removal from our community without notice.

Coupons & Promotions

HS4CC or Jennifer Cook-DeRosa provides coupons, promotions, links, or discount codes for valuable products or services used in the community. These programs may include paid sponsorship or affiliate links. See our partners.

Guiding Principles of HS4CC

  1. Parents make the best high school guidance counselors.
  2. Parents should direct the educational process for their teens.
  3. Parents, not colleges, advocate for teens.
  4. All teens, of every ability, can earn college credit.
  5. Homeschooled teens should graduate high school with a high school diploma.
  6. Parents should be a part of the degree planning process.
  7. Getting into college is easy, getting out of college is hard.
  8. If your teen earns 1 college credit in high school, they’re ahead!


Our Facebook leadership team consists of about 40 well-trained volunteers who have experience guiding their own teens through homeschooling and earning college credit. Most of our volunteers have been with us for at least 5 years and have graduated their own teens from homeschool AND college but continue to stay and mentor in our community.  Meet the team.


Jennifer Cook-DeRosa is the founder, Executive Director, owner and funding source of the Homeschooling for College Credit organization. 

Jennifer’s professional work

Jennifer’s professional work inside the system inspired her to advocate for parents outside the system. Jennifer continues to provide ongoing professional work with parents, colleges, universities, and other businesses.

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