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Jennifer’s professional work inside the system for 20 years inspired her to start advocating for parents outside the system in 2012.

Homeschool Specialist | Former College Administrator | Strategic advisor to universities on homeschooling | Non-traditional college credit expert | Homeschool Advisory Committee Member at multiple colleges


The mission of Homeschooling for College Credit is to teach resourceful high school planning to homeschooling parents.


Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S. is the founder, Executive Director, owner and sole funding source of the Homeschooling for College Credit organization.  All products, classes, events, or programs here are used to fund the organization.


The Homeschooling for College Credit brand began in 2012 as a Facebook fan page to augment the release of Jennifer’s book, Homeschooling for College Credit , but by 2015, the primary focus changed to that of a support organization for parents in all 50 states. Read: Jennifer’s personal back-story The organization serves approximately 40,000 parents across all 50 states and includes over 40 well-trained volunteers.

Guiding Principles Resourceful High School Planning

  1. Parents make the best high school guidance counselors.
  2. Parents should direct the educational process for their teens.
  3. Parents should advocate for their teen’s education at all times.
  4. All teens, of every ability, can earn college credit in high school.
  5. Parents should award their homeschool graduates with a high school diploma instead of a GED whenever possible.
  6. Parents should be a part of the degree planning and earning process.
  7. Resourceful high school planning improves college graduation rates.
  8. Resourceful high school planning reduces the time needed for a credential.
  9. Resourceful high school planning reduces the cost of higher education.
  10. Resourceful high school planning reduces student loan debt.

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As a large social organization, tens of thousands of people post their opinions and thoughts in our community every day. The views and opinions expressed in those comments or posts do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Jennifer Cook-DeRosa or Homeschooling for College Credit.


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