Community Leadership Team

The Homeschooling for College Credit Community Leadership Team

Our Facebook groups are moderated by volunteers – parents just like you!  They love learning and teaching about homeschooling, high school, and college.

Their role in the organization is to be sure our Facebook groups are:

warm and inviting 
trusted resources

We’re not looking for experts, we’re looking for enthusiasts! 

Don’t worry if your teen is just starting their Homeschooling for College Credit journey, if you’re eager to learn as you go, we’d love to have you.  There’s no better way to learn than to get in and get involved.

We’ve got an online 1-hour training course that gives you the skills and confidence to moderate in our community – even if you’ve never done it before.

If you’d like to join our leadership team, send Jennifer a message.  She’ll send you a special sign-up code so you can begin your training course for free.


The Homeschooling for College Credit

High Credit Earner Team

Helping our advanced members go from casual credit earners to intentional degree seekers.

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, MS:  Executive Director

Danika Recore: Expert Degree Planner

Jennifer Bergren:  Editor & Designer

Kim Iverson:  Transcriptionist

Audio Producer:  Joel North