Our Volunteers

Homeschooling for College Credit

Everyone who leads and serves in our organization is a volunteer!

Homeschooling for College Credit is a volunteer-led social community that leverages the wisdom and altruism of our members to help each other through public support and encouragement. As a free community, social sharing and public exchange are the foundation from which we build a strong foundation of information and knowledge.

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa, M.S.

Founder and Executive Director of Homeschooling for College Credit.


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Do you like helping? So do we!

Facebook Moderating Team

HS4CC hosts 60 Facebook groups, only possible because of dedicated parent-volunteers.

As a Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook moderator, you can help others walk through proven techniques to earn college credit in high school.

Our volunteers are homeschooling parents just like you! You don’t have to be an expert to become a moderator, just a desire to serve your community, a passion for learning, and an understanding of how to navigate Facebook.

The role can be minimal (5 hours per week or less) but it can be so much more if you make it so! All of our robust and active groups were the result of motivated moderators, so if you have enthusiasm and passion, we have a place for you!

Many of our dedicated moderators devote 20+ hours per week or more and have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their homeschool community.

It’s FUN to be a moderator! We have dozens of moderators who have been with us longer than 5 years, you’ll love being on our team.

Facebook Moderator’s Duties

  1. Read posts and comments to make sure members are using warm and encouraging words.
  2. Turn on your notification for your group so you know when posts/comments appear.
  3. Approve members who request to join the group. (be sure they answer the questions and are “real” people.)
  4. Remove comments, posts, or members who cause trouble. (let me know)
  5. Share blog posts and links from our website in your Facebook group.
  6. Share links to our group resources, classes, posts, and other helps as needed.
  7. Participate in our occasional Zoom meetings. (about 4-5 times per year)
  8. Get mentorship and support in your role by joining our FB Moderator group.

Nice post from our Kentucky FB moderator, Katie Hassall:

“Good Morning! For those that are new to the group, I am one of the two Moderators for this group. I have been moderating since it’s existence and I LOVE being here. However, I am now not in the same place in life as most of you. My youngest son will be 23 this week. Both of my boys did Dual Enrollment in high school and my oldest went on and got 2 BAs the traditional way, although I am very happy to say, he graduated 100% debt free. My youngest obtained an associates through non traditional methods and probably would not have done that if he did not have so many traditional and non traditional credits from high school. He is actually considering returning to school for a subject specific certificate, which I am thrilled about. Whatever educational goals your student has, I would suggest that you go ahead and insert as much college level credit you can in high school. College is expensive and goals and minds change. I am so grateful that I read “Homeschooling for College Credit” soon after it came out, which was when my oldest was still in high school. I am also grateful that I followed much of the advice in the book. Also, thank you to Jennifer Cook DeRosa for writing “Homeschooling for College Credit” and for putting all the effort into the website and state specific forums. The information shared here can change your student’s educational journey for the better.”

Parent Advisory Committee

By invitation only, serving a 1-year appointment.

The Parent Advisory Committee is a selection of HS4CC parents who are actively participating in the organization’s activities but do NOT serve/have NOT served/will NOT serve as a Facebook moderator or in a management role.

Our Parent Advisory Committee meets quarterly over Zoom and may receive email requests for feedback on organizational issues.

HS4CC Consulting Team

  1. Serve as an active HS4CC volunteer FB moderator of your state for 1 year+ for consideration. Active is defined as frequent and regular group posting, handling moderator tasks, creating and sharing resources, answering questions, serving as an expert for your state’s group, and regularly attending HS4CC leadership meetings over Zoom.
  2. Should have strong knowledge of their state’s homeschool policies, graduation requirements, dual enrollment opportunities in the state, general college admissions in the state, or specialty expertise in any of the unique HS4CC /high school/college area.
  3. Once initiated, consultants must continue their service to HS4CC as a volunteer FB moderator at all times.
  4. HS4CC Consultants are paid an hourly rate for the time they spend with our clients.

If you have questions or would like to serve with us, contact Jennifer Cook-DeRosa at cookderosa@hs4cc.com