ACE College Credit

Any college credit source listed in this category that is NOT through a college is validated as creditworthy by a third-party agency called the American Council on Education (ACE) or the third-party agency called National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS).  Between the two, you’ll usually see ACE, but if you use Saylor Academy, you’ll notice a few courses evaluated by NCCRS.

In terms of transferability, college credit earned through a regionally accredited college is the most transferable.  Of the transferable credit, ACE and NCCRS are the least transferable.  There is one exception- and that exception is when ACE has a partnership agreement with a specific college.  In those cases, the credit transfer is guaranteed.

Since no single collection of colleges that accept ACE credit exists, I cobbled together a list you can use as a starting point here:  The “REAL” ACE College List

ACE credit, unlike college credit, is usually only pass/fail (no grades) but is BY FAR the least expensive type of credit you can earn.  There are even a few ACE credit providers that are completely free.

Click-by-click tutorial to help you set up your teen’s ACE account