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Help! ASU Universal Learner Two-Factor Authentication?

Arizona State University uses Two-Factor Authentication for increased security when logging into their systems. Students have the option to receive a call, verify via a DUO push, or enter a passcode from either a Text or Duo after they have logged in with the ASURITE ID and password. The authentication options menus are visible when logging into their system.

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NEW ASU Self-Paced UL Course: CIS 394 Location Analytics for Business

Arizona State University has added another NEW course to their Universal Learner (UL) program: CIS 394 Location Analytics for Business. This new 3 credit course is available as a self-paced course in the upper level division (junior/senior), which are difficult to find at this price point.

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LAST, Last Call: ASU Poetry In America

We were able to secure a later deadline for ASU’s Poetry in America course enrollment period – the new deadline is THIS Friday 1/14/22! Remember- this is a unique course with a specific sign-up window and course content. $25 to participate. Decide later if you want college credit. No guarantees that we will have access to it again.

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NEW Self-Paced ASU UL Course: CIS 309 Business Process Management

Arizona State University has added another NEW course: CIS 309 Business Process Management is a self-paced 3 credit course, available starting January, 2022. Note that this is also an upper level (junior/senior) course, which are hard to find at such a low price!

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NEW ASU Google IT Certification with Universal Learner

Arizona State University’s Universal Learner Program, in partnership with Google, is offering a new Google IT Certification! From ASU’s site:

“Learn the skills you need for an introductory-level job in IT support.

In this online program, you’ll work through six ASU Universal Learner Courses that leverage the Google IT Support Certificate, as well as supplemental industry material that is aimed at giving you the best preparation possible to begin a career in Information Technology.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a co-branded professional certificate from ASU and Google, as well as 15 credit hours that you can apply towards a bachelor’s degree.”

Courses are designed to be completed sequentially, and are self paced! Students have up to 1 year to complete each course, and the first course begins January 2022. The certification courses include:

CIS 194 Technical Support Fundamentals – 1 credit

CIS 194 Computer Networking – 2 credits

CIS 194 Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User – 3 credits

CIS 294 System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services – 3 credits

CIS 394 IT Security: Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts – 3 credits

CIS 402 Privacy, Ethics, and Compliance – 3 credits

The first 3 courses do have the same course number, which we have been advised may change in the future. It is common for colleges to have the same course number on survey courses which may change topic with each offering. The first course only costs $25, with no fee to have the course transcripted. As with all Universal Learner program courses, the remaining courses cost just $25 to start and students only pay $400 at the end of the course if they like the grade. There is no record of failure if the student does not complete the course or receives a lower grade than wanted. Simply do not pay the $400 for the course to be added to the transcript. Retake courses as many times as is needed to pass with the grade you want.

According to ASU, the courses must be completed in sequence and the next course will become available in their catalog (dashboard). The total cost for the courses in the certificate is $2150, which is paid at the time the student signs up and then completes each course and chooses to have it transcripted. Cost per credit averages out to be ~$143/cr for the full 15 college credits. The certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the program and will have both the ASU and Google logos on it, along with your name.

For those wondering if the courses are the same as Coursera, ASU said “These courses are similar to the courses on Coursera (and leverage some of the same content), but there are additional learning outcomes from our courses and learners achieve academic credit with ours, whereas the ones at Coursera don’t have academic credit guaranteed with them. (Some institutions may validate the credential for credit, but many won’t)” This is referring to ACE credit that some institutions will accept for college credit. Please see “30 Ways to Earn College Credit” on our website for additional information about ACE credit and its transferability. Coursera’s courses have been approved by ACE for up to 12 lower level credits (100-200 level). Please note that the amount of credit granted for ACE credit is determined by the receiving institution. ASU’s certificate includes 4 courses with 9 total lower level credits, and 2 courses with 6 total upper level (300-400 level) credits.

We also asked our contacts at ASU which degrees the credits would apply to: “These will serve as elective credits at the University. They stack really well into any business major at the institution, or majors with several elective credits (liberal studies, organizational leadership, technical writing, etc). However, the electives should be applicable for any major.”

For more information about the Universal Learner program, visit our HS4CC UL page and join our ASU for Homeshoolers Facebook group.

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Finding the “Right” Dual Enrollment Professor

You’re scanning for your teen’s perfect course and you found it! But wait, there are two sections, each taught by a different professor. What if it says “TBA?” How do you choose?? Finding the right dual enrollment courses can be stressful and intimidating, but here are a few good ways to find the best one.

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New ASU UL course: CIS 194 Technical Support Fundamentals

Arizona State University’s Universal Learner Program has added another new course to it’s lineup Spring semester. CIS 194 Technical Support Fundamentals launches January 2022. The new course is part of their new initiative with Google. Students can complete 6 IT courses and earn the Google IT Certification.

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NEW ASU UL Course: STS 220 Introduction to Social Transformation

Arizona State University has added another NEW course to their Universal Learner (UL) program: STS 220 Introduction to Social Transformation. This new 3 credit course is available as an 8-week teacher-paced course in the lower level division (freshman/sophomore) starting January 2022.

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Common Transcript Questions about ASU’s UL Program

Homeschooling for College Credit families use Arizona State University’s Universal Learner (formerly called Earned Admission) program because it allows parents a VERY affordable ($25) opportunity to test out dual enrollment for their teens with low risk (only pay tuition if you like your grade and want college credit). Here are a few of the most common answers to your questions about the ASU EA program.

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Announcement: New ASU Portal

Our new ASU partnership portal allows HS4CC parents access to a variety of college courses without the red tape, transcript submissions, age restrictions, lengthy admissions processes, and regulations typically found at local colleges and universities. We receive no compensation from ASU for this program, but we DO receive access to special courses and programs that you can’t get if you use their regular portal.

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What’s the difference between ASU’s various course programs?

Since this summer, we’ve been BIG FANS of Arizona State’s Earned Admissions program for our homeschooling community, but since that time we’ve learned of a few other options you might like to know about. But what’s the difference between these programs and how do they fit into a Homeschooling for College Credit program?

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Taking College Courses through ASU Digital Prep

ASU’s Digital Prep program offers 2 interesting options to high school students. Students who wish to use their full-time high school program can take up to 2 free university courses per semester. This program is free to Arizona students. Out of state full-time students are charged tuition based on the program they choose.

The second option they offer is part-time Concurrent Enrollment. Students pay $600 per course for ala carte university classes, plus books/supplies. Students can complete as many courses as they’d like at this rate.

Unlike ASU’s Earned Admissions program, that offers low-risk, high-reward courses with no record of failure, Digital Prep’s University courses are subject to the “normal” college rules, such as drop dates, paying up front for the course, and the additional purchase of books and supplies may be required. Failing or substandard grades would become part of their permanent ASU transcript, if the student does not drop or withdraw from a class by the deadlines.

ASU Digital Prep provides several suggested Career Pathways to a wide variety of careers, including engineering, business, arts, sciences, law, pre-med or vet, and many more. ASU’s Digital Prep program expands the number of courses offered to high school students at a deeply discounted rate of $600/course.

Have more questions about ASU Digital Prep or Concurrent Enrollment courses? Digital Prep has a handy FAQ that will answer any of your questions, or join one of their regularly scheduled Live Q&A sessions on their Enrollment Page.

One more thing!

If you enroll in one of these courses, be sure to join our ASU Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group! You’ll learn how to get the most out of the program with us!

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New Accounting 1 Course Added to ASU’s EA Course Lineup!

Arizona State University has added a new course to their Earned Admissions program: ACC 231 Uses of Accounting 1 is a teacher-paced, 8 week, 3 credit Accounting course with a first offering date of 3/16/2021!

Are you interested in business and its financial aspects? This course introduces the uses of accounting information throughout the business cycle and how accounting information is used for internal and external purposes. Topics include Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or “GAAP” and the preparation and analysis of financial statements.

Opportunities to apply concepts with hands-on practice are integrated throughout the course. In addition, the course’s content is adaptive, allowing you to achieve mastery of the concepts on a personalized learning path.

Focused on decision-making and the role of accounting in the decision-making process, this course’s topics are applicable not only to business but to any situation that utilizes financial information

You will learn:

  • Uses and limitations of accounting information
  • Types of business entities, internal controls, regulatory bodies, and more
  • The accounting cycle from transaction entry to preparation of financial statements
  • How to apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Assumptions (GAAP) within accounting’s overall framework
  • Interpretation and analysis of financial statements using ratio analysis
Course Title used by ASUCollege CreditHigh School Credit
Uses of Accounting I31
Breakdown of credit

For More Information:

As with all of ASU’s EA courses, the cost is $25 to sign up and students optionally pay $400 at the end if they like the grade and want to add it to their ASU transcript. If not, no record of the course is recorded. Students may retake the courses as many times as needed to get the grade they want. Bonus: no red tape, no need to send transcripts, no hoops to jump through, and no placement tests. Just sign up for a login on their site and pay $25 per course to start! This is a one-of-a-kind program from a well known, regionally accredited (the gold standard), 4 year, tier 1 research University.

Overview of ASU’s Earned Admissions Program

How to Sign Up for ASU’s Earned Admissions Courses

ASU Course Reviews Page

One more thing!

If you enroll in one of ASU’s EA courses, be sure to join our ASU Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group! You’ll learn how to get the most out of the program with us!