Growth of Homeschooling in the United States

I loved reading this from NHERI News. Brian D. Ray, Ph.D. concluded that there were an estimated 3.135 million school-age (K-12) homeschool students in the United States during the 2021-2022 school year. It’s noteworthy that there is currently a DECLINE as many students who were homeschooling during the pandemic have returned to their previous school.

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How to Test Out of Psychology 101

Introduction to Psychology is a favorite course for many teens, but College-led psychology courses (depending on the teacher and textbook) can skim over mature content, slam into it head-first, or go way off topic. One way many parents navigate this tricky subject is to have their teen study at home and test out using a standardized exam. In this post, I’ll show you how!

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Sophia at HBCU

Sophia DOMINATES the HBCU alternative credit world with the most partnerships of the ACE providers. Here is a quick list of Historically Black Colleges and Universities that are partner colleges with Sophia. HS4CC 25% discount coupon ends today!

Click here to use our special code HS4CC25 at checkout to get the discount. (ends today 1/25/2023)

  • Philander Smith College- Little Rock (Arkansas)
  • Morris Brown College- Atlanta (Georgia)
  • Alabama State University- Montgomery (Alabama)
  • Bennett College- Greensboro (North Carolina)
  • Cheyney University- Cheyney (Pennsylvania)
  • Lane College- Jackson (Tennessee)

Finding the Perfect Path for Pam’s Daughter

It’s rare that I get to hear about ongoing success after a teen graduates high school! I love that HS4CC parent Pam took the time to share her daughter’s update and allow me to share it with you. Her story is a perfect example of how to disregard what “everyone else” is doing and find a path -make a path- for your teen that gets them over the goalpost!

Pam, HS4CC Parent in Alabama

May 2017 

“It’s so important for kids with learning disorders to try different paths to success.”

Pam shared that her daughter, 16 at the time, had “a history of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and a touch of Dyscalculia and severe test-taking anxiety.” It was unclear if she’d be able to earn college credit or a degree. Pam writes:

“First, we signed her up for a CLEP test, with accommodations, but she became too stressed out about it. We canceled that.

Then, we got her signed up for the ACT with accommodations, but then she also became way too stressed out for that. I’ve postponed that, indefinitely.

But, accomplishing the Sophia 1 credit business course gave her the courage and self-esteem to begin and finish the two ALEKS Algebra courses!  It took her a few weeks to do the College Algebra course, but once she got the rhythm going, she started flying through it.   Also, a new, uncomplicated calculator from the Rainbow Sciences website and graphing paper helped tremendously.

Now that she realizes college work is doable….she plans to register for Straighterline courses and work on college credit during her Junior and Senior years of high school! I’ve already discussed accommodations with them for extra time for her testing. I’m beginning the process of getting documentation to them to support her Learning disorders and health issues, now. 7 college credits for $40!!!!! She has begun her journey! I’m so proud of her.”

Jennifer’s comment: So often we assume that there is only one path to college. One that is filled with honors courses, high SAT scores, extreme preparation, and stressful applications. None of that has to be part of your journey! I invite you to say “no” to all of that if it’s stressing you out. There are (many) other options for your teen’s degree.

We weren’t shooting for high ACT scores for full-ride scholarships. I felt that would put too much pressure on her, due to her poor health and anxiety.  Right now, one class for credit at a time, as she feels like it, is going to be perfect for her and affordable for us. Again, I’m so thankful for your books and direction. With her many learning challenges and health issues, this is the perfect path for her future. I’m so glad I found your books, website and FB page!”

June 2019

My daughter graduated high school with 70+ ACE credits!

February 2022: Double Celebration

I just got my Associates in Applied Science from Pierpont in December of 2020! I’m 58yo and have had over 120 college credits for years and years, but they were through 7 colleges and multiple changes of degree programs. It’s always bothered me that after all of that hard work and money…..I had never gotten a degree. The sweet women in the Pierpont Governor’s degree office were so helpful!! They are truly on your side and pulling for you to obtain your degree. I did have to do an Information Literacy credit, before having everything I needed for my degree, because those weren’t around “Back in the day” 😂! That was easy and cheap to do with Sophia.

I finished my degree at the same time that my daughter finished up her Bachelor of Science at Charter Oak State College!

I’m so happy that I found Jennifer’s book and encouraged my daughter to get her degree COMPLETED IN WHATEVER… JUST GET ONE FINISHED UP😁! I’m so glad she didn’t end up like me at 57yo with no degree, just because I was always trying to figure out the perfect degree for the perfect career for my perfect future. 😂 It’s silly now that I look back on it. My life would have been so much easier if I had only finished ANY TYPE of degree, earlier in life.

Jennifer’s comment: Adults that would like to use their old college credits (or new college credits) towards the Associate Degree Pam earned, can join our adult cohort called “90-Day-Degree” click for registration info.

December 2022

I would like to share that my daughter, who began doing college the HS4CC way at 16 years old, just graduated with her Masters degree from Belhaven University of Jackson, MS, one week after turning 22 years old….debt free!!! She persevered through many episodes of her chronic illness and would probably not have been able to finish her degree the traditional way. I’m so proud of her!

Thank you HS4CC for teaching us about your methods!! Yours was the best book I’ve ever purchased! 🙏🏻 A Godsent event for us! Your book was an $18.00 purchase which allowed us to save 10’s of thousands of dollars on our daughter’s degrees!

We Chased High-Interest Courses

My youngest is graduating from high school this year, and his high school plan was so different from his older brothers, that it prompted me to write this post. I dedicated 80% of his homeschool courses to chasing high-interest courses. I hope it encourages parents who feel unsure about whether or not it’s ok to do things differently.

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College Credit in Agriculture/Agribusiness

Looking for college credit in Agriculture & Agribusiness? We have a list! These courses are open to students living in any state.

Step 1: Look local! Your local community college may offer dual enrollment courses to high school students, and sometimes for reduced for free tuition! Local community colleges will have “excellent” transferability -the highest level.

Step 2: Look at our out of state dual enrollment list. The colleges on this list will have “excellent” transferability- the highest level.

Greek and Latin Word Roots in Bioscientific TechnologyASU Prep Digital*excellent$220/credit (free for residents of AZ)
Environmental ScienceDSST Examgood$100
Licensing & Food SafetyBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Intro to Trees & ShrubsBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Principles of Animal ScienceBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Principles of Equine ScienceBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Principles of Crop ProductionBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Principles of AGRB ManagementBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Agribusiness IntroductionBlue Ridge Community & Technical College*excellent$25/credit
Intro. to Plant Science with LabClovis Community College*excellent$120/credit

* graded credit regionally accredited university

Register Now: Transcript Intensive LIVE!

It’s baaaack! What a fantastic way to break up the winter blues with an exciting and engaging Transcript Intensive LIVE event! Jennifer’s Guarantee: This is the only transcript course you’ll ever need or I’ll work with you one on one to create the perfect transcript. This is my favorite event to teach, find out more below.

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Find College Credit: Accounting

Looking for college credit in Accounting for your high school student? Here’s a good place to start.

Intro. to Financial Accounting*OutlierExcellent$597, save $75 with HS4CC coupon
Online Accounting for Business*ASU ULExcellent$25 registration / $400 for college credit
Accounting 101: Financial Accounting
Accounting 102: Intro to Managerial Accounting
Accounting 301: Applied Managerial Accounting
Accounting 201: Intermediate Accounting I
Accounting 202: Intermediate Accounting II
Accounting 303: Cost Accounting
StudycomLimited$199 per month, save 30% with HS4CC coupon code.
Financial AccountingSophiaLimited$99 per month. 10% off with HS4CC coupon
Financial AccountingCLEP ExamGoodFree voucher
Personal Finance*Blue Ridge CTCExcellent$25 per credit
Quick Books*Blue Ridge CTCExcellent$25 per credit
* graded regionally accredited college

Homeschooling for College Credit Paperback

Homeschooling for College Credit teens graduate high school with about 1 year of college under their belts, but motivated teens can finish their degree. Homeschooling for College Credit brings the goal post closer and teaches you how to pay cash as you go.

Homeschooling for College Credit will challenge you to reconsider the wisdom of popular college propaganda, and how to make better choices for your family.Even if you’ve never been to college, this book will turn you into a well-informed homeschool guidance counselor ready to proceed with confidence.

5.0 out of 5 stars Homeschooling High School, Understanding and Prepping for College, and Early College in Homeschool

I read the first edition of the book and now the second. The second is way better than the first and completely overloaded with si much wonderful information! This will be revolutionary for the homeschool mom who is, like me, teaching a child-student who is in high school, nearing adulthood, and who wants to go to college.

If you think the only way for your child-student to get college credit is to go to college or to go to a high school early college or concurrent enrollment class, you are wrong. There are many ways to earn college credit. This book will show you what all of those are, and will break it down so that you can see which ones are more sure ways and which are less likely ways to get credit at the college your offspring will attend. This will teach you how to communicate with college staff so that you can get the correct answers more quickly.” -Mrs. Jackson, HS4CC parent on Amazon

Introductory Statistics to Begin February 3

Begins 02/03/2023 (2 consecutive 4-week sessions). Open to any Homeschooling for College Credit student – any grade/age, no placement scores or transcript required and we have a coupon! 3 college credits. It is suggested that the student be in or have completed Algebra 2, but that is not required. There are no set times when you must be online.

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Pro Tip: CLEP, DSST, AP Used Books

It’s getting harder and harder to get used textbooks because of the “digital codes” that colleges require, but you can still find used college textbooks for $2-3 that work perfectly for credit by exam or homeschool! Most of the CLEP books my teens used in high school were purchased from thrift stores, hand-me-downs, or shared with friends. Prep books often have practice tests, which are vital for a good layered approach. I just ran a query for CLEP, DSST, and Advanced Placement books as well as regular college textbooks that could be used for homeschool curriculum over at Textbooks(.)com and there were many!

New Semester: Sink or Swim?

Brilliant advice from Jenny B., our HS4CC Minnesota moderator:

“Yesterday my daughter started her 2nd semester of PSEO (10th grade) and went from 1 class to 5 classes online. I blocked off my entire afternoon to sit next to her as she logged into her classes and figured everything out. I printed syllabuses, helped decipher class requirements, and counseled her on how to make a workable plan.

There were a lot of snags. A lot. Why is this course completely empty? (Find the professor’s email and ask him.) Why is the access code the teacher posted expired? (Oh, here’s another one she posted. This one works.) Where is this document the professor says I must read? (“Hidden” under important links. 😉) Instead of letting her get bogged down and overwhelmed with the problems, I helped her figure it out.

PSEO is not a sink or swim experience. The grades will go on their permanent college transcript. Help them get off on the right foot by helping them get organized and understand the requirements. Don’t do their work, but teach them how to manage it.

Semester 2, here we come! 🤓