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College Freshman or a Transfer Student?

HELP! Is my teen is applying to college soon, and I’m not sure if she should apply as a freshman or as a transfer student?

Earning college credit in high school prompts parents to often ask whether their teen is an incoming freshman or a transfer student.   There is always a little confusion around the topic because “freshman” means 2 different things, but they often get mashed into meaning 1 thing – so let’s start with the two different definitions of “freshman.”  Continue reading “College Freshman or a Transfer Student?”

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Paper-based Correspondence Classes

Sick of online classes? I received a message today from a HS4CC parent asking about paper-based correspondence classes. Some of you may remember a time when “distance learning” was actually a paper-based snail mail process. Though most have faded away, YES, I do keep a list of these programs if you’re interested in something a little different.

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ACE Transcript Changes – Happening NOW

ACE put out a press release early 2020 about a shift toward free electronic transcripts! We love free, and this shift moves their transcript service to an outside company. Updates will continue as new information is learned about this new program and process.

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Stupid Girl – What Was She Thinking?

Nine out of ten families decide that their children are college material as early as the day they sign up for preschool. In 2014, a kindergarten play was shelved so the 5-year olds could prep for college.  We’ve created a sense of urgency around college admissions and attendance at all costs. Continue reading “Stupid Girl – What Was She Thinking?”

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My Top 10 CLEP Prep Tips for PARENTS

Before I ever started homeschooling my own teens for college credit,  I wanted to know more about CLEP, and how it worked.  The super-short version is that I took one exam “just to see” what it would be like….but I ended up testing out of an Associate’s Degree (60 credits) in 6 months!  I didn’t need that degree; I worked as a chef and had my culinary credentials in place, but it was loads of fun and a little addictive once I got rolling. Continue reading “My Top 10 CLEP Prep Tips for PARENTS”

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Math in Your Homeschool: CLEP

At some point in your teen’s math sequence, you’ll cross over into math topics that are also part of a typical college math sequence.  This transition begins just after Algebra 1, and if parents are aware of this shift, it can result in significant amounts of college credit! Continue reading “Math in Your Homeschool: CLEP”