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When Your Teen Fails

“I’ve missed over 9,000 shots in my career.  I’ve lost over 300 games.” -Michael Jordan

I’ve never lost a basketball game – not once. Of course, I’ve never played basketball, so it’s easy for me to have a perfect record. Such is life- it’s easy not to fail as long as you don’t try anything hard. If your teen is trying hard things, they may experience a failed attempt.  Whether they’ve failed a CLEP test, a college course, or even just a quiz, failure happens.  What do you do when it does?

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CompTIA Computer Training for FREE

CompTIA is arguably the most widely recognized IT professional certification available. Many of the IT courses your teen might take through dual enrollment or college will include the preparation for CompTIA exams.  If this is your teen’s career path, be sure to bookmark this resource!

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Free Fall Tuition (HS graduates)

If your teen just graduated high school, they are eligible to receive 1 semester of free tuition at the University of St. Thomas (Houston, TX) in their Associate of Applied Science Degree program (fully online).  They offer 3  options: Cybersecurity, Electronic Technology, or Networking Technology. Continue reading “Free Fall Tuition (HS graduates)”