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The Homeschool Project Podcast

What an honor to be the featured guest on The Homeschool Project Podcast! Nathan and Anita are wonderful hosts and oh by the way, Nathan is in graduate school pursuing a Master’s degree in higher education (!) They asked me some tough questions – did I do our community justice? Click to listen.

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BREAKING NEWS: Get 2 free dual enrollment courses (classes start Monday)!

Special thanks to HS4CC parent Rob B for this lead! Husson University in Maine (yes, regionally accredited) allows high school students to take 2 free online courses per semester. ANY STATE except California. Details below.

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Curriculum for Biology –> CLEP

In this post, we’re going look at some ideas for biology curriculum that gets a solid foundation for teens that want to take the Biology CLEP.

Official College Board Biology CLEP Page: here

The Biology examination covers material that is usually taught in a one-year college general biology course (2 semesters) covers 3 areas of general biology:

  1. molecular and cellular biology (33% / about 38 questions)
  2. organismal biology (33% / about 38 questions)
  3. population biology (33% / about 38 questions)

Skipping “curriculum” and just starting with “test prep” is a mistake. This is a very large exam covering an enormous scope of content. The trick to success is allowing sufficient learning time using high school (or college) curriculum as your foundation and following up with test prep. You should choose the foundation (curriculum) that aligns well with your student’s ability. Students working well above grade level may enjoy the challenge of using college level content, but students working on grade level can still be successful with the CLEP exam by learning with high school curriculum! Learning for this exam could easily take 2 high school semesters.

If you’d rather have your teen take biology directly for college credit, you can can explore the many options here: 30 Ways to Earn College Credit in High School. Using CLEP means you’ll award high school credit for the curriculum work your teen does at home, and they’ll earn potential college credit by taking the CLEP exam later. Acceptance of CLEP varies by college.

Should you add a lab? High School Biology often includes a lab, though it isn’t required as preparation for this exam. It may, however, be required by your state’s graduation requirements or your target college’s admissions requirements, so I like the idea of adding a lab unless you’re sure you don’t need one.

Build Your Curriculum

(choose 1)

Khan Academy High School Biology (secular / free)

Apologia High School Biology (Christian/ cost)

Easy Peasy High School Biology (Christian / free)

Khan Academy AP/College Biology (secular / free)

MITx Introduction to Biology (secular / free)

add a lab (optional)

High School Biology Lab Kits (physically do at home)

College Biology Lab Simulation (do on the computer)

add a text book (optional)

College Biology Textbook (online / free)

Test Prep Voucher (Take a CLEP for free)

Modern States is a free online CLEP prep class that upon completion will pay for your teen’s CLEP exam. Get your voucher first! Besides giving your student some extra test prep, the voucher pays for your exam!

Test Prep

REA CLEP Biology Book with Practice Tests (try your local library!)

Hippocampus (for any topic still giving you trouble)

Are you preparing for the CLEP Biology exam or already taken it? If so, what resources are your favorite? Share below!

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! Barron’s AP Books are FREE right now on Kindle!

Thanks to our HS4CC Florida moderator Frances for sharing this deal with our group!! Barron’s Advanced Placement prep books are free on Kindle right now. Frances confirmed that she was able to get all 9 books today. (Yes, you can use AP books & practice tests to help you prepare for CLEP!) You can read a Kindle on any device. Links below.

AP Psychology Premium: with 6 Practice Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP Chemistry with 3 Online Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP World History: Modern Premium: with 5 Practice Tests (Barron’s AP) Kindle Edition

AP Computer Science A: with 6 Practice Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP Statistics Premium: with 9 Practice Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP Biology Premium: with 5 Practice Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP English Language and Composition Premium: with 8 Practice Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP United States History with Online Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Kindle Edition

AP European History Premium: with 5 Practice Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Tenth Edition, Kindle Edition

Homeschooling for College Credit will challenge you to reconsider the wisdom of popular college propaganda and how to make better choices for your family. Even if you’ve never been to college, this book will turn you into a well-informed homeschool guidance counselor ready to proceed with confidence. 

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Member Question: Should we graduate high school earlier than usual?

A Texas parent asks: “Hello. I am new here and to full homeschool in general… In a nut shell, my daughter is THRIVING in her online high school curriculum… We want to allow her full homeschool to give her control over her pace as she would like to graduate earlier and have control over her personal schedule. She is very disciplined and we know it’s the right move for her.”

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Taking College Courses through ASU Digital Prep

ASU’s Digital Prep program offers 2 interesting options to high school students. Students who wish to use their full-time high school program can take up to 2 free university courses per semester. This program is free to Arizona students. Out of state full-time students are charged tuition based on the program they choose.

The second option they offer is part-time Concurrent Enrollment. Students pay $600 per course for ala carte university classes, plus books/supplies. Students can complete as many courses as they’d like at this rate.

Unlike ASU’s Earned Admissions program, that offers low-risk, high-reward courses with no record of failure, Digital Prep’s University courses are subject to the “normal” college rules, such as drop dates, paying up front for the course, and the additional purchase of books and supplies may be required. Failing or substandard grades would become part of their permanent ASU transcript, if the student does not drop or withdraw from a class by the deadlines.

ASU Digital Prep provides several suggested Career Pathways to a wide variety of careers, including engineering, business, arts, sciences, law, pre-med or vet, and many more. ASU’s Digital Prep program expands the number of courses offered to high school students at a deeply discounted rate of $600/course.

Have more questions about ASU Digital Prep or Concurrent Enrollment courses? Digital Prep has a handy FAQ that will answer any of your questions, or join one of their regularly scheduled Live Q&A sessions on their Enrollment Page.

One more thing!

If you enroll in one of these courses, be sure to join our ASU Homeschooling for College Credit Facebook group! You’ll learn how to get the most out of the program with us!

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Homeschooling with CLEP: Game-changer for Sean’s Future

I am thrilled to share with you this homeschooling success story of how Sara used CLEP in her homeschool with her son Sean during 11th (and now 12th) grade. She posted her celebration inside our Illinois HS4CC Facebook group and gave me permission to share it with you here. I know you’ll find it as inspirational as I did!

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