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From High School Senior to College Senior in 2 Weeks

Resourceful high school planning…. what is that exactly? It’s being deliberate about how you choose your teen’s high school classes so they are doing double duty- counting for high school AND college. Read this inspirational post from HS4CC parent Melissa and how her son’s high school credits took “two birds-one stone” to the next level saving her son over $35,000…and something else. Continue reading “From High School Senior to College Senior in 2 Weeks”

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Last Summer Workshop TODAY!

Our Homeschooling for College Credit summer workshops have been amazing- I can’t believe we are at the end!! We’ve had over 1,000 parents attend the free educational workshops and gain confidence toward their high school and college plans.

It’s not too late to get in on our last workshop. As always, these are free educational events for our families. They are open to anyone but registration is required. When you register, you’ll get a password that you’ll need to login to the event.


TIME: 12:00 pm EST (New York time zone)

WHERE: live on Zoom

I want your teen’s first CLEP to be a raging success! It’s easy enough to accumulate college credit by exam once you get the hang of it. If you’re unsure about jumping in, or you have the first exam scheduled and you’d like to ask some questions, we’re going to explore all the important things they need to know before their BIG DAY!

This event will NOT be recorded, so join us LIVE today!

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Member Question: If my teen has college credit, do they still need to take the SAT?

That’s a great question! If the degree is completed IN high school (before high school graduation) your teen is still considered a first-time freshman for admissions and FAFSA Continue reading “Member Question: If my teen has college credit, do they still need to take the SAT?”

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MEL Physics Review – coming soon

Did you see my blog post this weekend about Physical Science? I discussed a handful of great (affordable) physical science options for this coming school year. It’s listed below if you missed it. Anyway, Mel Science liked it and asked me to review their new product for Physical Science! If you have read my other posts on science, you know I’m a huge fan of their Chemistry lab product, so I am excited to dive in and see if this new product is as strong.

Their chemistry product is a subscription that delivers lab kits to your home every couple weeks. We used this product for a middle and high school student (earning college credit) simultaneously, and it was really the best home lab I’ve ever used, and that includes a dozen college lab science courses done at home.

Honest review coming soon!

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Physical Sciences that Won’t Break the Budget!

If your high school student needs to study PHYSICAL science this year, you know that online sciences can be EXPENSIVE! I have some great online courses and lab resources to share that are very low cost! These courses all generate high school credit, and I’ll show you how to use each of them for college credit too! Continue reading “Physical Sciences that Won’t Break the Budget!”

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2 CLEPs to take in 10th grade

10th grade is a great time to plan a first CLEP if you have a teen who studies well and retains information. While I consider 11th and 12th grades to be the “sweet spot” to homeschool for the most college credit, CLEP exams can be taken in any grade and at any age – and these two exams fit perfectly in almost every homeschool in 10th grade.

Continue reading “2 CLEPs to take in 10th grade”