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We have a new HS4CC Facebook Group!

HS4CC operates Facebook groups for each of our 50 states, but we also have specialty groups that serve special segments of our community working around a common goal of earning college credit in a unique way. Our specialty HS4CC groups serve military families, degree planners, NCAA student athletes, and now we have a new group serving a new community- Arizona State University Earned Admission students!

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Colleges That Don’t Allow Student Loans

The college tuition funding nut is a tough one to crack.  You could be super rich with a fully stocked college fund for all of your kids (yeah!) or you could be like me, trying to cash flow college for 4 kids on 1 income.  If you’re somewhere in the middle, you might be considering student loans- but what if your teen attends a college that doesn’t allow student loans? Can that help you or hurt you? Continue reading “Colleges That Don’t Allow Student Loans”

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Announcing: New HS4CC Book Club!

I’m thrilled to announce a new free resource for our community!! The Homeschooling for College Credit Self-Paced Book Club is an opportunity for individuals or groups to become part of a learning community while exploring the nuances of earning college credit and resourcefully planning their homeschool program.

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Scholarships for High School Graduates

Do you have an older teen already enrolled in college?  These scholarships are open to prospective college students and current college students. Your teen can apply for scholarships until the day they graduate college!  Thanks to JLV’s amazing scholarship site for this list.
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The Homeschool Project Podcast

What an honor to be the featured guest on The Homeschool Project Podcast! Nathan and Anita are wonderful hosts and oh by the way, Nathan is in graduate school pursuing a Master’s degree in higher education (!) They asked me some tough questions – did I do our community justice? Click to listen.

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College Freshman or a Transfer Student?

HELP! Is my teen is applying to college soon, and I’m not sure if she should apply as a freshman or as a transfer student?

Earning college credit in high school can lead you to wonder if your teen is an incoming freshman or a transfer student- good question!   In the first place, you probably won’t have a choice- they will likely be a freshman whether you like it or not.   “Freshman” has two different meanings, so lets start there. Continue reading “College Freshman or a Transfer Student?”

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Paper-based Correspondence Classes

Sick of online classes? I received a message today from a HS4CC parent asking about paper-based correspondence classes. Some of you may remember a time when “distance learning” was actually a paper-based snail mail process. Though most have faded away, YES, I do keep a list of these programs if you’re interested in something a little different.

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