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U.S. Government Credit

I have a great resource list for those of you planning a U.S Government course this year!  govt

These resources are MORE THAN ENOUGH to DIY a full year program. If you only want 1 semester, you’ll have to pick and choose.

Beyond high school credit, there are 2 exams you can take (not both- choose 1) that yield 3 college credits in the U.S. Government. Continue reading “U.S. Government Credit”

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One Bite at a Time

You’ve heard it asked “how do you eat an elephant?” and the punchline “one bite at a time” reminds us that most huge accomplishments are simply a series of smaller, more manageable goals.

Graduating from college with a degree is a huge goal- one that about half of all people don’t finish. But let’s look at some of the ways you can eat this elephant one bite at a time! Continue reading “One Bite at a Time”

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Math at Khan Academy

Khan Academy is getting so good!!  They’ve really evolved through the years into a robust curriculum, well beyond their early years as a youtube channel.  When I needed to show college credit in statistics as a prerequisite for graduate school, I taught myself stats using Khan Academy and earned college credit using the DSST exam. Continue reading “Math at Khan Academy”

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Are 4 college classes too many?

If you’re using dual enrollment in high school, you’re probably faced with the problem of figuring out how many college credits vs high school credits your teen can balance and still pull good grades.  This is no small problem because college classes leave a paper trail!  In short- it’s part of their permanent record. Continue reading “Are 4 college classes too many?”

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Dual Enrollment Advice from Parents

I recently asked the parents on Homeschooling for College Credit’s Facebook page to share their experiences with dual enrollment, and any advice they might have for parents considering it for their teens.

Dual enrollment is enrolling in a college credit course, usually through a college, and counting it also as a high school course.  Popular dual enrollment courses include English 101, College Algebra, United States History, and others.

Continue reading “Dual Enrollment Advice from Parents”

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2 CLEPs to take in 10th grade

10th grade is a great time to plan a first CLEP if you have a teen who studies well and retains information.  While I consider 11th and 12th grades to be the “sweet spot” to homeschool for the most college credit, CLEP exams can be taken in any grade and at any age – and these two exams fit perfectly in almost every homeschool in 10th grade.

Continue reading “2 CLEPs to take in 10th grade”

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Three Credits for Summer

Have you been slow to jump in and get your teen’s feet wet? Are you still intimidated at how much there is to figure out and too much to study for?  Worried that it won’t be perfect? Well, in this quick post, I’m going to give you a QUICK action plan to earn 3 college credits this summer! Right now!

Continue reading “Three Credits for Summer”

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Sources of Free College Credits

BONUS:  currently, the Modern States Online Test Prep Program is offering a voucher to anyone who completes their online CLEP course.  The voucher will pay for your exam cost and reimburse you for your testing center fee if you have one.  You can take an UNLIMITED number of CLEP  exams right now for $0.  When this voucher program ends, or if you don’t use a voucher, CLEP exams cost about $100  each. 

Continue reading “Sources of Free College Credits”

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Español – 9 college credits, please!

Español – 9 college credits, please!

Many of your teens have picked up Spanish because your family is bilingual, your community has a lot of Spanish-speaking members, or they’ve taken a Spanish class for homeschool.  If you’re not sure whether or not to push forward with learning Spanish formally, let me tell you: YES!

After a few years of high school Spanish, your teen can attempt the CLEP Spanish exam and pick up as many as 9 college credits!  This exam costs under $100 (currently $0 when you use a Modern States voucher)  and is one of the most widely accepted CLEP exams they can take.

Even at full price, your teen can earn college credit for about $11 per credit! Continue reading “Español – 9 college credits, please!”