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Which is Better? Foreign Language for High School or College Credit?

The question of whether or not to take a foreign language for high school or college credit comes down to 3 main considerations. (1) Does your state require foreign language credit in order to issue a homeschool diploma? (2) Do the public 4-year universities in your state ask for 2 years of high school foreign language for admission? (3) Does your teen’s Continue reading “Which is Better? Foreign Language for High School or College Credit?”

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Scholarships to Apply for NOW

When I suggest your family start applying for scholarships, I don’t mean googling a couple and pumping out an essay the year before college starts – I mean WEEKLY and consistently applying every week for as long as your teen is enrolled!! Most scholarships are open to prospective AND enrolled students.  Continue reading “Scholarships to Apply for NOW”

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Accreditation Database: Bookmark This

Homeschooling for College Credit parents must confirm that the college they are using in high school for dual enrollment is Regionally Accredited (RA).  This is essential for successful transfer later when your teen applies to college as a freshman!  Here’s how you can look it up: Continue reading “Accreditation Database: Bookmark This”

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Has Your Homeschooling for College Credit Program Gone too Far?

Throwback to 2012 when I wrote this, “Whatever credit your child earns, even if it’s just one, is a step in the right direction!” I’ve always been a cheerleader for average students gifted with motivated parents- mainly because those are my people- that’s me. Deliberate and intentional homeschooling with average and sometimes passive kids. What could go wrong? Continue reading “Has Your Homeschooling for College Credit Program Gone too Far?”

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Does Walmart Really Pay for College?

Last year I started bringing you news about how your teen could work for a company AND have their FULL tuition paid for. Believe me- more companies offer this than you may think!  Today’s post features an “essential” business that continues to boom through COVID and offers a way for your student to cash-flow their degree. Continue reading “Does Walmart Really Pay for College?”