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My 5th Time in High School

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In a few weeks, I’m starting high school – for the 5th and final time. The first time in the ’80s as a student, but this time marks my fourth time as the teacher. Later, I’ll reflect on the profound impact our decision to homeschool made on the ENTIRE course of our married life, but today, I’m reflecting on 3 pieces of advice given to me early on that really made high school manageable for us.  Continue reading “My 5th Time in High School”

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College Entrance Exams

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The two most popular entrance exams are SAT and ACT.  A “new” exam that is gaining popularity is the CLT. Not all Homeschooling for College Credit families participate in standardized exam testing. There are two things to consider before ruling in, or ruling out, entrance exams. Continue reading “College Entrance Exams”

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When Your Teen Fails

“I’ve missed over 9,000 shots in my career.  I’ve lost over 300 games.” -Michael Jordan

I’ve never lost a basketball game – not once.  Of course, I’ve never played basketball, so it’s easy for me to have a perfect record.  Such is life- it’s easy not to fail as long as you don’t try anything hard.  If your teen is trying hard things, they may experience a failed attempt.  Whether they’ve failed a CLEP test, a college course, or even just a quiz, failure happens.  What do you do when it does?

Continue reading “When Your Teen Fails”

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Christian MOOCs: Hillsdale College

A Homeschooling for College Credit “life hack” for finding affordable college-level curriculum is tapping into the massive online open course database, affectionately known as MOOCs.  The premise of a MOOC is simple, a college or university provides their course content online for anyone to use for free.  This is similar in premise to a public library, except you’re not limited by your geography!  You can *literally* take courses from our nation’s most prestigious colleges without cost.   Continue reading “Christian MOOCs: Hillsdale College”

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Excellent Digital Curriculum: 3 Favorites

Digital technology has really changed the face of education, especially for homeschoolers like myself.  I may or may not admit to being a bit of a book hoarder, but in the past few years, I’ve lightened my shelves a little and we’ve adapted more tech in our homeschool. In this post, I want to share 3 of my favorites – feel free to post your favorites below in the comments!  Continue reading “Excellent Digital Curriculum: 3 Favorites”

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Dual Enrollment = Email Etiquette

“In the age of social media, many students approach emailing similar to texting and other forms of digital communication, where the crucial conventions are brevity and informality. But most college teachers consider emails closer to letters than to text messages. This style of writing calls for more formality.”

-Paul T. Corrigan and Cameron Hunt McNabb Continue reading “Dual Enrollment = Email Etiquette”

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Online High School Programs

Online high school (as a formal construct) is often in a different category (legally) than homeschooling, still, I get emails on occasion about finding a legitimate program (this category can be a trainwreck and is full of swindlers).

This nice list was compiled by a colleague of mine over on the distance learning forum called DegreeInfo.  The reason this list grabbed my attention, is because these high school programs are being run by COLLEGES!   Continue reading “Online High School Programs”

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College Freshman or a Transfer Student?

HELP! Is my teen is applying to college soon, and I’m not sure if she should apply as a freshman or as a transfer student?

Earning college credit in high school prompts parents to often ask whether their teen is an incoming freshman or a transfer student.   There is always a little confusion around the topic because “freshman” means 2 different things, but they often get mashed into meaning 1 thing – so let’s start with the two different definitions of “freshman.”  Continue reading “College Freshman or a Transfer Student?”

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Transcript Resource Page

It’s only the most important homeschool document you’ll ever create!  No pressure.

If you’re starting from scratch and haven’t written a transcript before, you can get the whole soup-to-nuts version in Chapter 7 of Homeschooling for College Credit (2nd edition). Continue reading “Transcript Resource Page”