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Udemy *Black Friday* Sale

11/29/2017  NOTE:  this sale has ended.  Post remains for reference only.

A Black Friday sale on *CLASSES* of all things?  That’s my kind of sale.  Once a year, Udemy has a $10 sale, and that is happening now (Nov 16 – 28) for their Black Friday promotion.   ALL COURSES are a flat rate $10. (normal costs range from $20-$200 each).

What you need to know:

  • Udemy courses are not for college credit. (How to use MOOCs for College Credit)
  • Udemy courses vary in length from 2 hours to 100 hours, so check that in advance!
  • Udemy courses are self-paced and do not carry a grade.
  • You can preview the syllabus and content at every link.
  • Udemy courses purchased during this sale have lifetime access. Start whenever.

Udemy sent me an email with the “Top 5 most popular courses in each category.”  They offer thousands of courses, but this list is a great place to start because these courses will have excellent ratings and user feedback.  I’ve narrowed the category down to academic subjects, but they have personal development courses too!

I’ve added the regular price of each course from the list.  As you can see, some of these are good deals, and some are great deals.

Remember, EVERY COURSE they offer is part of the $10 sale- not just this list! 


Writing Short Stories: The Essential Guide (regular price: $95)

Write a Book: Basic Creative Writing Skills for Beginners (regular price $200)

How to Write Better Essays: Improve Your Grades Today! (regular price $80)

How to Write an Effective Research Paper (regular price $70)

Composition: Quality Paragraph and Essay Writing (regular price $30)


Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Levels 1, 2, & 3) (regular price $60)

Music Theory Comprehensive Combined: Part 4, 5, & 6 (regular price $100)

Music Theory Comprehensive Combined: Part 7, 8, & 9  (regular price $100)

Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I (regular price $100)

Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced (regular price $145)


Become an Algebra Master (regular price $100)

Algebra 1, 2, & 3 – Intermediate & College Level Course (regular price $200)

Become a Calculus Master (regular price $200)

Learn Trigonometry and Calculus Step By Step – Guideline (regular price $200)

Workshop in Probability and Statistics (regular price $40)


Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python (regular price $195)

The Web Developer Bootcamp (regular price $200)

Complete Java Masterclass (regular price $195)

Learn to Code by Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer (regular price $150)

iOS 11 & Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp (regular price $200)


The Collection of 3D Digital Content for CHEMISTRY PART-1 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for CHEMISTRY PART-2 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for CHEMISTRY PART-3 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for PHYSICS PART – 1 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for PHYSICS PART – 2 (regular price $200)


The Collection of 3D Digital Content for BIOLOGY PART -1 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for BIOLOGY PART – 2 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for BIOLOGY PART – 3 (regular price $200)

The Collection of 3D Digital Content for BIOLOGY PART – 4 (regular price $200)

AP Environmental Science



Learn Social Psychology (regular price $95)

U.S. History 201 (regular price $35)

History of the Middle East – 600 A.D. to Today (regular price $25)

United States History – Prehistory to Reconstruction (regular price $20)

Art History Renaissance to 20th Century (regular price $25)


Chinese Made Easy L2: Understand 79% of Chinese in 10 hours (regular price $50)

Learn Portuguese in LESS than 30 Days (regular price $30)

Learn Korean! Start Speaking Korean Now! (regular price $75)

Learn Hungarian Tutorial for Beginners (regular price $20)

Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew (regular price $75)

Learn to Speak: Conversational French – Full Course (regular price $95)



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For Profit Education…buh-buy

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Huge news in my email today- EDMC (Education Management Corporation) which is arguably THE biggest for profit player right now, is done.  Selling their inventory of colleges.  A non-profit called  Dream Center Foundation will buy them for an undisclosed amount.  It’s a philanthropic organization of the Pentecostal church.  (the colleges will remain secular)

What did  EDMC own?

All of the Argosy University campuses (18 locations)

All of the Art Institutes (45 locations)

All of the Brown Mackie colleges (20 locations)

For-profit vs non-for-profit education- it’s a big battle.  Have you heard?  In short, for-profit education has been severely criticized in the past few years for taking advantage of students and selling a product that results in high student loan debt and underwhelming employment rates.  Add to the mix that the most of us look for “accredited” programs, and never dig deep enough to understand the nuances of accreditation types…accreditation isn’t a yes/no question, it’s a category with  hierarchy.

I’d love to remind you that just 6 months ago it was GAME OVER for the  HUGE  national accreditor  Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, causing 245  for-profit schools/colleges to lose their ability to participate in the Federal Student Financial Aid program.  It’s not nearly as important to have customers as it is to have paying customers.  R.I.P. Le Cordon Bleu.


So, what happened?  The for-profit bubble just burst.  On one hand, the market loved these programs, evidenced by soaring enrollment!  But, we live in a country that tangles higher education and our tax dollars. It’s not as simple as “buyer beware” when our government *literally* backs the student loans that drive enrollment.  In other words, if your son can’t repay his $60,000 student loan to Sallie Mae after graduating from Argosy, we’ll pick up the tab.

I love the summary provided by By Daniel Moore / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (link above)

EDMC again became a publicly-traded company in 2009 and its stock price soared to a high of $27.99 a share on Dec. 30, 2011.

But lawsuits from the U.S. Department of Justice, along with attorneys general from 39 states, claimed EDMC illegally paid incentives to recruiters based on the number of students they enrolled. The suit demanded $11 billion in federal student loan money be returned and tarnished EDMC with allegations of fraud, deceptive marketing and steering students into debt they couldn’t pay back.

EDMC’s stock plummeted to $3.27 a share in August 2012. By 2014, when the stock was worth a few cents, the shares were delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

So, that’s it.  Buh-bye.

There are a few stragglers in the for-profit arena, and there always will be.  Some occupations like barber and cosmetology or massage therapy just haven’t broken into the community college arena like culinary arts, automotive, allied health, computer tech, and apprenticeship.

What does this mean for parents of teens?  As a parent of 3 teen sons myself, the short answer is to choose programs that are non-profit private or public.  The risks of losing financial aid, losing accreditation, being bought or sold, and closing doors are real. It’s happening now.  What will happen to these schools as they change from for-profit to non-for-profit?  Only time will tell.

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Heightened Cash Monitoring

Many of you have high school seniors – one more important consideration before narrowing down their target list is to be sure their financial aid status is in good standing.

The following is the most current (December 2016)  list of 540 colleges that were placed under “heightened monitoring” from the Federal Financial Aid/Dept of Education.  You’ll want  to confirm your teen’s target colleges are NOT on this list.

In my city (Charlotte, NC) the local law school just had it’s financial aid participation revoked- completely pulled.  That left a lot of students in a really bad situation because they were/are no longer allowed to borrow using the student loan program – even if they are just a year from graduation. Many students believe they’ll have to transfer and potentially start over.  Keep in  mind, the college is still open, but they can no longer participate in the Federal Financial Aid program.

If a school is on this list, proceed with extreme caution.

What is Heightened Cash Monitoring?  From the Dept of Education:

There are two levels of Heightened Cash Monitoring:

  • Heightened Cash Monitoring 1 (HCM1): After a school makes disbursements to eligible students from institutional funds and submits disbursement records to the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) System, it draws down FSA funds to cover those disbursements in the same way as a school on the Advance Payment Method.
  • Heightened Cash Monitoring 2 (HCM2): A school placed on HCM2 no longer receives funds under the Advance Payment Method. After a school on HCM2 makes disbursements to students from its own institutional funds, a Reimbursement Payment Request must be submitted for those funds to the Department.

Schools may be placed on HCM1 or HCM2 as a result of compliance issues including but not limited to accreditation issues, late or missing annual financial statements and/or audits, outstanding liabilities, denial of re-certifications, concern around the school’s administrative capabilities, concern around a schools’ financial responsibility, and possibly severe findings uncovered during a program review. Some schools are on this list due to preliminary findings made during a program review that is still open. Those findings could change when the program review is completed.

Below, I’ve copied/pasted the names of schools from the table, but you can get the full Excel spreadsheet (includes address, etc.) at the link below.  Select the most current spreadsheet (December 2015).

Institution Name

Aaron’s Academy of Beauty
Academy for Careers and Technology
Academy of Cosmetology
Academy of Hair Technology
Academy of Natural Therapy
Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting
Acupuncture and Massage College
Adrian College
Advance Beauty Techs Academy
Aerosim Flight Academy
Alabama State University
Alderson Broaddus University
Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics
Alexandria Technical and Community College
Allen University
All-State Career
All-State Career School
American Academy McAllister Institute
American College of Hairstyling-Des Moines
American College, Dublin Limited (The)
American Institute of Medical Technology
American InterContinental University
American Musical & Dramatic Academy
American National University
American Technical Institute
American University of Paris
AmeriTech College
Anoka Technical College
Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Apollo Career Center
Argosy University
Arkansas Baptist College
Art Institute of Atlanta (The)
Art Institute of Colorado (The)
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (The)
Art Institute of Houston (The)
Art Institute of New York City (The)
Art Institute of Philadelphia (The)
Art Institute of Phoenix (The)
Art Institute of Pittsburgh (The)
Art Institute of Portland (The)
Art Institute of Seattle (The)
Art Institute of York (The) – Pennsylvania
Art Institutes International Minnesota (The)
ATA College
Atlanta Institute of Music and Media
Bacone College
Baldwin Beauty Schools
Bay State School of Technology
Beacon College
Beauty Academy
Beauty and Health Institute
Beauty Institute Schwarzkopf Professional (The)
Bellefonte Academy of Beauty
Bemidji State University
Benedict College
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Bennett Career Institute
Berks Technical Institute
Bethany College
Bethel College
Bethel College
Bethel University
Birmingham City University
Blue Cliff College
Boise Bible College
Boston Baptist College
Bramson ORT College
Briarcliffe College
Brown College of Court Reporting
Brown Mackie College (The)
Buchanan Beauty College
Burnett International College
Calhoun Community College
California College San Diego
Capri Oak Forest Beauty College
Career Care Institute
Caribbean University
Carnegie Institute
Carolina Christian College
Carsten Institute of Cosmetology
Carver Bible College
Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
CDE Career Institute
Center for Employment Training
Central Alabama Community College
Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Central Christian College of Kansas
Central Christian College of The Bible
Central Lakes College
Central School of Practical Nursing
Century College
Champ’s Barber School
Charleston School of Law
Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary
Charter College
Chattanooga College – Medical, Dental and Technical Careers
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Choffin Career & Technical Center
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
Citizens School of Nursing
Clarks Summit University
Cole Holland College
College of Menominee Nation
CollegeAmerica – Flagstaff
CollegeAmerica Denver
Collins Career Technical Center
Colorado Technical University
Columbia College
Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of Education
Community Christian College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career College
Concorde Career Institute
Concorde Career Institute
Concorde Career Institute
Conlee’s College of Cosmetology
Copiah-Lincoln Community College
Cosmetology College of Franklin County
Cosmetology Training Center
Cosmotech School of Cosmetology
Court Reporting Institute of St Louis
Coyne College
Cozmo The School
Crave Beauty Academy
Creative Circus (The)
Creative Hair School of Cosmetology
Dakota County Technical College
David’s Academy of Beauty
Dawson Community College
Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology
DeVry University
DiGrigoli School of Cosmetology
D’Jay’s Institute of Cosmetology and Esthiology
Dominican College of Blauvelt
Dominion School of Hair Design
Eastern Nazarene College
Eastern Oklahoma State College
East-West Healing Arts Institute
Ecclesia College
eClips School of Cosmetology and Barbering
Ecumenical Theological Seminary
EDHEC Business School
EDIC  College
Edinburgh Napier University
Elaine Sterling Institute(The)
Emmanuel Bible College
Emmanuel College
Empire College
English Center (The)
Entourage Institute of Beauty and Esthetics
Eureka Institute of Health and Beauty
Evangel University
Everglades University
Ex’pression College
Faith Evangelical College & Seminary
Faith Theological Seminary
Fayette Beauty Academy
Fayette Institute of Technology
FINE Mortuary College
Finger Lakes School of Massage (The)
Finlandia University
Florida Institute of Ultrasound
Florida School of Traditional Midwifery
Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College
Fort Berthold Community College
Fort Worth Beauty School
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis College
Fortis Institute
Fortis Institute
Fortis Institute
Fortis Institute
Fortis Institute
Fortis Institute
Fountainhead College of Technology
Francois D. College of Hair Skin & Nails
Frederick School of Cosmetology
Gene Juarez Beauty Schools
George Corley Wallace State Community College – Selma
Gill-Tech Academy of Hair Design
Glenwood Beauty Academy
Global Health College
Globe University
Grace College of Barbering
Grace University
Gratz College
Green Mountain College
Griffith University
Hair Academy (The)
Hair California Beauty Academy
Hairmasters Institute of Cosmetology
Hallmark University
Hamilton Technical College
Hands on Therapy
Hannibal – LaGrange University
Harrington College of Design
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Harrison College
Healthcare Preparatory Institute
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (The)
Helms College
Hennepin Technical College
Hibbing Community College
Highland Community College
Hiram College
Hiwassee College
Hobe Sound Bible College
Houston Graduate School of Theology
Houston International College Cardiotech Ultrasound School
Illinois Institute of Art (The)
Image Maker Beauty Institute
Indiana County Technology Center
Infinity Career College
InfoTech Career College
Inner State Beauty School
Institucion Chaviano de Mayaguez
Institute For Therapeutic Massage
Institute of Beauty Careers
Instituto de Banca y Comercio
Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo
Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
International Barber & Style College
International Culinary Center
International Professional School of Bodywork
International School of Skin and Nailcare
Inver Hills Community College
Iowa Wesleyan College
Itasca Community College
J. F.  Drake State Community and Technical College
James Rumsey Technical Institute
JFK Medical Center Muhlenberg Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder Schools
Joffrey Ballet School, American Ballet Center
Johnson C Smith University
Jose Maria Vargas University
JRMC School of Nursing
KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts
Keene Beauty Academy
Keiser University
Kendall College
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Keystone College
Kuyper College
L T International Beauty School
Laird Institute of Spa Therapy
Lake Erie College
Lake Superior College
Larry’s Barber College
Lawson State Community College
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago
Leech Lake Tribal College
Lees School of Cosmetology
Little Priest Tribal College
London International Film School
Los Angeles ORT Technical Institute
Lubbock Hair Academy
Lutheran Theological Seminary – Philadelphia
MacMurray College
Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary
Margaret’s Hair Academy
Marion Military Institute
Maryland University of Integrative Health
McCann School of Business & Technology
MDT College of Health Sciences
Med-Assist School of Hawaii
Medical University of Gdansk
Mesabi Range College
Mesalands Community College
Messenger College
Metro Business College
Metropolitan Learning Institute
Metropolitan State University
Miami International University of Art & Design
Michigan Barber School
Mid City College
MidAmerica Nazarene University
Milan Institute
Milan Institute
Milan Institute
Milan Institute of Cosmetology
Miles Community College
Miller – Motte Technical College
Miller-Motte Technical College
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
Mineral County Vocational Technical Center
Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Minnesota School of Business
Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical
Minnesota State Community and Technical College
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota West Community and Technical College
Missouri College of Cosmetology North
Missouri School of Barbering & Hairstyling
MKG Beauty & Business
Mount Ida College
Multnomah University
Murdoch University
Nashville Barber and Style Academy
National Beauty College
National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts
National Graduate School of Quality Management (The)
National Institute of Massotherapy –
National Personal Training Institute
National University College
National University of Ireland, Galway
Neosho Beauty College
New England College of Business and Finance
New England Culinary Institute
New England Institute of Art (The)
New Hope Christian College
New Life Business Institute
New York Conservatory For Dramatic Arts (The)
New York Theological Seminary
NewSchool of Architecture and Design
Normandale Community College
North American Baptist Seminary
North Central Opportunities Industrialization Center
North Hennepin Community College
Northcentral University
Northcoast Medical Training Academy
Northern New Mexico College
Northland Community and Technical College
Northwest Career College
Northwest Christian University
Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building
Northwest Technical College – Bemidji
NRI Institute of Health Sciences
Oehrlein School of Cosmetology
Ogle School Hair Skin Nails
Ogle School Hair Skin Nails
Ogle School Hair Skin Nails
Ohio College of Massotherapy
Ohio Valley University
O’More College of Design
Ottawa University
Paine College
Panache Academy of Beauty
Paul Mitchell the School Missouri Columbia
PB Cosmetology Education Centre
Penn Commercial Business/Technical School
Pennco Tech
Pennco Tech
Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Phillips School of Nursing at Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Pike Lincoln Technical Center
Pinchot University
Pine Manor College
Pine Technical and Community College
Pittsburgh Career Institute
Ponca City Beauty College
Ponce Health Sciences University
Ponce Paramedical College (POPAC)
Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (The)
Porter and Chester Institute
Porter and Chester Institute of Branford
Portland Actors Conservatory
Professional Skills Institute
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Rabbinical College of Long Island
Rainy River Community College
Ralph R Willis Career and Technical Center
Raphael Recanati International School, The Interdisciplinary Center
Redstone College
Remington College
RGV Careers An Institute for Higher Learning
Ridgewater College
River Valley School of Massage
Riverland Community College
Riverside College of Health Careers
Rochester College
Rochester Community and Technical College
Rosedale Technical College
Rosslyn Training Academy of Cosmetology
Roxborough Memorial Hospital
Roxbury Community College
SAE Institute of Technology – Miami
Saint Elizabeth Medical Center
Saint Gregory’s University
Saint Louis Christian College
Saint Mary of the Woods College
Saint Paul College – A Community & Technical College
Salon & Spa Institute
Salon Professional Academy (The)
San Diego Christian College
San Diego Culinary Institute
Sanford-Brown College
Sanford-Brown College
Sanford-Brown College
Sanford-Brown College
Sanford-Brown College
Seminario Evangelico de Puerto Rico
Setting the Standard Barbering and Natural Hair Academy
Sheridan College
Sherrill’s University of Barber & Cosmetology
Shimer College
Shorter University
Sisseton Wahpeton College
SOLEX College
South Central College
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute
South University
Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Southeastern College
Southeastern College
Southeastern Institute
Southeastern Institute
Southeastern Institute
Southern California University SOMA
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Southern Technical College
Southern Technical College
Southern Vermont College
Southwest Minnesota State University
Spa Tech Institute
Spanish-American Institute
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
Spertus College of Judaica
Spring Hill College
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud Technical and Community College
St. Luke’s Hospital of Bethlehem, PA
St. Paul’s School of Nursing
St. Paul’s School of Nursing
Stevens Henager College
Studio Art Centers International
Suffolk Beauty Academy
Summit Christian College
Summit College
Swedish Institute
Taylor Andrews Academy Of Hair Design
Taylor Technical Institute
Technical Career Institutes
Texas Beauty College
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Total Image Beauty Academy
Total Look School of Cosmetology and Massage Therapy
Transformed Barber and Cosmetology Academy
Tribeca Flashpoint College
Trident University International
Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences
Tri-State College of Acupuncture
Tucson College
Tuskegee University
Tyndale University College & Seminary
Ultimate Medical Academy
Unification Theological Seminary
Unilatina International College
United Theological Seminary
Universal Technical Institute
Universal Technical Institute
Universal Technical Institute
Universal Training Institute
Universidad Cat≤lica Nordestana
Universidad Central del Este
Universiteit Utrecht
Universiteit Van Amsterdam
University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin
University of Antelope Valley
University of Auckland (The)
University of Canterbury
University of Debrecen
University of East London
University of East-West Medicine
University of Geneva
University of Gloucestershire (The)
University of King’s College
University of Melbourne
University of Mobile
University of North Alabama
University of Puerto Rico – Arecibo
University of Puerto Rico – Cayey University College
University of Puerto Rico – Central Administration
University of Puerto Rico – Humacao University College
University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez
University of Puerto Rico – Medical Science Campus
University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras Campus
University of Puerto Rico – Utuado
University of Puerto Rico Bayamon Technical University College
University of Puerto Rico Carolina Regional College
University of Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Regional College
University of Puerto Rico, Ponce
University of Queensland (The)
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
University of Sydney
University of the Virgin Islands
University of Toronto
University of Valley Forge
University of Wales – Lampeter
University of West Alabama
University of Westminster
Utica School of Commerce
Vatterott College
Vatterott College
Vatterott College
VEEB Nassau County School of Practical Nursing
Venango County Area Vocational Technical School
Vermilion Community College
Victoria Beauty College
Victoria University of Wellington
Virginia College
Virginia Wesleyan College
Walden University
Walnut Hill College
Webb Institute
Western Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing
Westminster College
Wilberforce University
Williamson Christian College
Winona State University
Wood County Technical Center
Xtreme Career Institute
Yechanlaz Instituto Vocacional
Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Rockland
YTI Career Institute
YTI Career Institute – Altoona
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New Marketplace & Swap Group!

I want to share that Homeschooling for College Credit Community has new Facebook group was created for the sole purpose of reselling, swapping, and trading items related to homeschooling and college credit earning.  From things related to tests like ACT / SAT or college credit exams like AP / DSST / CLEP or even dual enrollment textbooks – the new marketplace group is amazing.  Check it out!

College Credit Marketplace Group