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We have a new HS4CC Facebook Group!

HS4CC operates Facebook groups for each of our 50 states, but we also have specialty groups that serve special segments of our community working around a common goal of earning college credit in a unique way. Our specialty HS4CC groups serve military families, degree planners, NCAA student athletes, and now we have a new group serving a new community- Arizona State University Earned Admission students!

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ACE Transcript Changes – Happening NOW

ACE put out a press release early 2020 about a shift toward free electronic transcripts! We love free, and this shift moves their transcript service to an outside company. Updates will continue as new information is learned about this new program and process.

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HS4CC Virtual Book Club

I’m starting an EXCITING new book club and guess what we’re reading? Homeschooling for College Credit, of course! I’m looking for 12 enthusiastic homeschooling parents who have NEVER READ Homeschooling for College Credit but would like to. Here’s the best part, for this club, I’m actually sending you the paperback for FREE! Free book and an author-led live book club, it’s going to be great!

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BREAKING NEWS: Half the CLEP Exams were just revised

Big news-  we just saw a MAJOR revision of half of the ENTIRE CLEP CATALOG.  16 of their exams set to expire November 30, 2018, just appeared in the ACE catalog as revised and updated!!  Only after we start hearing back from parents will we have a better idea of “how” these changes impact content.  Please share in your CLEP communities immediately. Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Half the CLEP Exams were just revised”