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College Credit & Social Distancing

We’re in full social distancing mode, but even with so many businesses closed, earning college credit is still possible for most of our audience!  The following list shows you which college credit resources are still alive and well! Continue reading “College Credit & Social Distancing”

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Wrap up: CLEP Zoom Session 4/24/20

Did you enjoy the CLEP Zoom session yesterday? I sure did! It was great getting to meet so many of you and talk with you about your homeschool. We covered a lot of ground yesterday, so as promised, here are all the links, documents, and resource packets we talked about and a few extra goodies I forgot to mention!!

Continue reading “Wrap up: CLEP Zoom Session 4/24/20”

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CLEP Expiration / Revision Dates

When ACE reviews a CLEP exam they always assign a date range for that review. At the ending date, the exam must be reviewed again or removed. The exam can be renewed and extended when there isn’t a significant change in content. Below you’ll find the full expiration and revision schedule for all CLEP exams. Continue reading “CLEP Expiration / Revision Dates”

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7 Ways to Fail Your CLEP Exam

Passing a CLEP sounds so easy when you hear others talking about it.  It seems like winnereveryone else is passing their exam.  Not a lot of people talking about failing, but failing is easy too. About half of those who attempt a CLEP exam will fail, you want to be sure you’re in the half that passes! Continue reading “7 Ways to Fail Your CLEP Exam”