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Liberty University “You’re a First-Time College Student”

I write a LOT about the classification of students.  For financial aid and college applications, your teen is either a first-time freshman applicant or a transfer student.  It’s important that parents understand which type their teen is, but recently in another group a question was raised about how Liberty University handles admissions.

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Member Question: Still trying to wrap my head around dual enrollment

Member question from Texas:  “If you “do college for high school,” is there anything “high school” that you need to include? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the dual enrollment stuff. If a college lists their high school requirements for admission and your kid is working on an AS instead of high school and they get their degree by HS graduation, do the admissions requirements apply? Does the college really even look at high school at that point or do they look at your college transcript and go forward?” Continue reading “Member Question: Still trying to wrap my head around dual enrollment”

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Graduation Requirements vs. Admissions Requirements

One of the most common mistakes parents make is confusing a state’s graduation requirements with the admissions requirements of their state colleges. Knowing each is very important while planning your teen’s high school exit strategy.

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Federal Employee? College Discount!

OPM is partnering with colleges and universities as a part of the continuing efforts to provide higher educational opportunities to the Federal workforce by providing current Federal employees with the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education at reduced tuition rates.   Some of the agreements extend the benefits to spouses and legal dependents. Continue reading “Federal Employee? College Discount!”

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Insider Tip: Predicting Credit Placement

Earning one college credit puts your teen ahead!  But when they start accumulating a lot of credit it’s only natural that you start to wonder how their credits will apply toward their future degree. Continue reading “Insider Tip: Predicting Credit Placement”

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Stupid Girl – What Was She Thinking?

Nine out of ten families decide that their children are college material as early as the day they sign up for preschool. In 2014, a kindergarten play was shelved so the 5-year olds could prep for college.  We’ve created a sense of urgency around college admissions and attendance at all costs. Continue reading “Stupid Girl – What Was She Thinking?”

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Colleges That Don’t Allow Student Loans

The college tuition funding nut is a tough one to crack.  You could be super rich with a fully stocked college fund for all of your kids (yeah!) or you could be like me, trying to cash flow college for 4 kids on 1 income.  If you’re somewhere in the middle, you might be considering student loans- but what if your teen attends a college that doesn’t allow student loans? Can that help you or hurt you? Continue reading “Colleges That Don’t Allow Student Loans”