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10 Ways to Take High School Lab Science

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It’s common for high school students to take a couple science classes, but science LABS seem to create some anxiety for parents. I think our lab sciences ended up being our BEST classes!!   When in doubt, add more lab! 

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Free Dual Enrollment Course: Pharmacy

East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy is offering a dual enrollment class for high school students across the region to learn more about the pharmacy profession and how to get into pharmacy school. The course will be free for all students who have a 3.0 high school GPA or above.

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Liberty University “You’re a First-Time College Student”

I write a LOT about the classification of students.  For financial aid and college applications, your teen is either a first-time freshman applicant or a transfer student.  It’s important that parents understand which type their teen is, but recently in another group a question was raised about how Liberty University handles admissions.

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Member Question: Still trying to wrap my head around dual enrollment

Member question from Texas:  “If you “do college for high school,” is there anything “high school” that you need to include? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the dual enrollment stuff. If a college lists their high school requirements for admission and your kid is working on an AS instead of high school and they get their degree by HS graduation, do the admissions requirements apply? Does the college really even look at high school at that point or do they look at your college transcript and go forward?” Continue reading “Member Question: Still trying to wrap my head around dual enrollment”

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Dual Enrollment Deal

Is dual enrollment expensive in your state?  Here’s a deal you won’t want to miss. Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary is a regionally accredited college in Iowa offering a free dual enrollment opportunity for any high school junior or senior!    Continue reading “Dual Enrollment Deal”

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College Credit & Social Distancing

We’re in full social distancing mode, but even with so many businesses closed, earning college credit is still possible for most of our audience!  The following list shows you which college credit resources are still alive and well! Continue reading “College Credit & Social Distancing”