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Dual Enrollment: Kinesiology, Nutrition, Public Health, Geography Lab, Norwegian

Before you get too excited, these courses are expensive, but they hit 2 major points of interest (1) they are SELF-PACED and (2) offer many unique classes in subjects that are normally very hard to find for dual enrollment students. This is just a sample, they offer 114 self-paced courses in total.

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Mary Margaret’s Story: 100 Credits and Counting

I want to introduce you to a rising 12th grader named Mary Margaret. I met her mom before COVID, back when my local public library allowed me to give free college workshops to the homeschool community in person. Since my audience is typically only adults, it’s always a pleasant surprise to meet a teen, but I had no idea…

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Which is Better? Foreign Language for High School or College Credit?

The question of whether or not to take a foreign language for high school or college credit comes down to 3 main considerations. (1) Does your state require foreign language credit in order to issue a homeschool diploma? (2) Do the public 4-year universities in your state ask for 2 years of high school foreign language for admission? (3) Does your teen’s Continue reading “Which is Better? Foreign Language for High School or College Credit?”

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College Credit & Social Distancing

We’re in full social distancing mode, but even with so many businesses closed, earning college credit is still possible for most of our audience!  The following list shows you which college credit resources are still alive and well! Continue reading “College Credit & Social Distancing”