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Stupid Girl – What Was She Thinking?

Nine out of ten families decide that their children are college material as early as the day they sign up for preschool. In 2014, a kindergarten play was shelved so the 5-year olds could prep for college.  We’ve created a sense of urgency around college admissions and attendance at all costs. Continue reading “Stupid Girl – What Was She Thinking?”

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Thought for the day: Read harder books

Before any discussion of earning college credit, you have to back up and ask “is my child an excellent reader?” Reading is the trunk on your child’s educational tree. The primary difference between college texts and high school texts is reading level. If your high school child is reading above grade level, you should make the change to harder material now. Our brain grows when challenged and stimulated, not during repetition.

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Physical Sciences that Won’t Break the Budget!

If your high school student needs to study PHYSICAL science this year, you know that online sciences can be EXPENSIVE! I have some great online courses and lab resources to share that are very low cost! These courses all generate high school credit, and I’ll show you how to use each of them for college credit too! Continue reading “Physical Sciences that Won’t Break the Budget!”

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Math Success 4 Math Averse

So, if you already feel yourself mounting a reaction to the title, this post isn’t for you.  Like anything you’re good at, you can’t imagine that other people can’t “become” good at it too… if they only had a better attitude, different curriculum, a better teacher, etc.  STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are all the rage – most universities have watched their STEM-majors double in the past few years, so there is a ton of emphasis on not only high school math, but college-level math in high school.  Sure, with 10,000 hours it’s possible to become an expert in anything.  This is not that. Continue reading “Math Success 4 Math Averse”

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Graduation Requirements vs. Admissions Requirements

One of the most common mistakes parents make is confusing a state’s graduation requirements with the admissions requirements of their state colleges. Knowing each is very important while planning your teen’s high school exit strategy.

Continue reading “Graduation Requirements vs. Admissions Requirements”

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Unlimited Time, Talent, and Resources

The motivational/inspirational quote always goes something like this:

“What would you do if you had unlimited time, talent, or resources?  Do that!” 

If you love that quote, you’re not alone. But you might not appreciate this post very much, and I want to talk to you about how time, talent, and resources fit into the homeschooling for college credit journey. Continue reading “Unlimited Time, Talent, and Resources”

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Dual Enrollment Deal

Is dual enrollment expensive in your state?  Here’s a deal you won’t want to miss. Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary is a regionally accredited college in Iowa offering a free dual enrollment opportunity for any high school junior or senior!    Continue reading “Dual Enrollment Deal”