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Summer School = College Credit

Residential summer school is coming back! Today I have 2 universities to share with you that are offering on-campus programs this summer that include housing and college credit. These programs are both offered through private Christian Universities that are regionally accredited, but I’m expecting to see a slight return to normal this summer and we should expect to have an abundance of Christian and secular options coming soon.

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TODAY: Facebook Live!

Wednesday March 31, 2021 Alternative Ways to Earn College Credit in High School. Join special guest Jennifer Cook-DeRosa of Homeschooling for College Credit as she explores the alternative types of college credit with Jamie Gaddy of Homeschoolcom. Use the button below to join the Facebook event TODAY from 3:00-4:00 EST!

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High School Medical Classes

If your teen is considering a career in a health or medical field, I have some interesting electives you can add to your high school curriculum to give them a head start.

These aren’t worth college credit (you’ll award high school credit), but some, like those offered through the American Red Cross, result in certification or licensure! Since many health occupations look for volunteer or work experience, this is a great way to receive training as a first step toward a career.

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6 Questions About HS4CC and Your Taxes

Homeschooling for College Credit families often pay tuition or have unique educational situations. I’ve pulled and pasted some highlights from the IRS Publication Tax Benefits for Education to help you with your FAQs. I am not a tax professional! Consult your teen’s college and your accountant regarding your specific situation and your taxes.

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Common Transcript Questions about ASU’s EA Program

Homeschooling for College Credit families use Arizona State University’s Earned Admissions (now called Universal Learner) program because it allows parents a VERY affordable ($25) opportunity to test out dual enrollment for their teens with low risk (only pay tuition if you like your grade and want college credit). Here are a few of the most common answers to your questions about the ASU EA program.

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HBCU: Xavier University of Louisiana

All month, to honor Black History Month, I’m spotlighting a different Historically Black College and University (HBCU) for the Homeschooling for College Credit community! Xavier University of Louisiana is America’s only Historically Black and Catholic University. The university offers dual enrollment and awards college credit for CLEP and AP scores.

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Sweet Sentiments

Nothing makes me more happy than hearing how the support of our Homeschooling for College Credit community helped your family take the plunge and earn college credit! For Valentine’s Day today, I wanted to share some lovely messages that have appeared over on our Facebook page. If you haven’t started earning college credit yet, I hope you can draw encouragement from these parents whose kids all started with zero college credits and are accomplishing great things!!!

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How Many Ways to Earn College Credit in High School?

How many different ways can your teen earn college credit? More than you think! But the goal isn’t just to “earn credit” because the credit only saves you time and money if it can eventually be used toward a degree. This understanding is MORE IMPORTANT for high school students than adults because of the variables at hand.

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What’s the difference between ASU’s various course programs?

Since this summer, we’ve been BIG FANS of Arizona State’s Earned Admissions program for our homeschooling community, but since that time we’ve learned of a few other options you might like to know about. But what’s the difference between these programs and how do they fit into a Homeschooling for College Credit program?

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