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May is always an ESPECIALLY wonderful month at Homeschooling for College Credit!

In this community, we celebrate every month – we share and encourage and post about small and big wins.  Earning college credit is a big deal!!  But in May,  I get especially fired up because some of your teens are GRADUATING from high school or college!!!  Is that your family??  Is someone graduating?  We want to celebrate with you!  Share your story below – feel free to share a photo celebrating this enormous accomplishment.

My kids aren’t especially fond of me “talking about them” online, but I want to add that two of my sons earned degrees this month!  For one son, this is his second degree.  I am celebrating with each of you as a normal proud mom hugging and loving my kids through the hard work and dedication it takes to finish a credential.  Earning a degree is a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of planning, and a huge accomplishment that will stay with our kids forever.  Whether a diploma, degree, or second degree – it’s ALL worth celebrating!


-Jennifer & family

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Scholarships to Apply for NOW

When I suggest your family start applying for scholarships, I don’t mean googling a couple and pumping out an essay the year before college starts – I mean WEEKLY and consistently applying every week for as long as your teen is enrolled!! Most scholarships are open to prospective AND enrolled students.  Continue reading “Scholarships to Apply for NOW”

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BIG PICTURE STUFF: Transferability Key


There are over 30 types and brands of college credit available to your teen- know the differences and understand how each may help you accomplish your family’s goals!  Whether it’s saving money, saving time, or earning admission to your target school – college credit is not created equally.  We’re here to help you sort through your options!

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New College Credit Option for Teens

Is dual enrollment expensive in your state?  Is your teen restricted from participating because of age, grade, or test scores?  A new company has my full attention and might be the solution you’re looking for. Best of all?  Legitimate credit laundering. Keep reading…

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Federal Employee? College Discount!

OPM is partnering with colleges and universities as a part of the continuing efforts to provide higher educational opportunities to the Federal workforce by providing current Federal employees with the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education at reduced tuition rates.   Some of the agreements extend the benefits to spouses and legal dependents. Continue reading “Federal Employee? College Discount!”