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Pro Tip: Sophia like a Boss

Did you know that if you don’t have a current subscription with Sophia you can still start working on the homework? Did you know you can work at your own pace while still only paying $99 for your class? In the HS4CC inactive account strategy, you’ll learn how to make the most of your enrollment period.

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Parent Question: The college won’t tell me if our classes will transfer. I need help.

“I have 3 high schoolers who are taking Sophia classes that we want to transfer to Charter Oak State College but they won’t tell me which Sophia classes my kids should take. Obviously, I get why, but I still need help.”

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Cost Challenge: 4 Courses

In this challenge, I wanted to know exactly what it would cost my family to take 4 courses in 1 semester using any of the popular college credit options in the Homeschooling for College Credit. I’ve compared costs for ASU, dual enrollment, Study(dot)com, Sophia, CLEP, and several others.

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Hannah’s Story: Bachelor’s Degree at 18

As the school year comes to an end, our normal monthly celebrations are not only including college credit celebrations, but GRADUATION stories too! Hannah Joy from Florida sent me her Homeschooling for College Credit graduation story, and while she gave me permission to cut and trim, I decided that each and every word she wrote was worth sharing. TEASER: Her degree from Liberty University came in under $8,000. She is an extraordinary young woman who took charge of her education in an extraordinary way. I hope you’ll take the time to read her story, celebrate with her, and find encouragement from her words. Bonus- she’s even taken the time to track EVERY CREDIT and every DOLLAR she spent for those who would like to develop a similar plan. Dig in!

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College Credit & Social Distancing

We’re in full social distancing mode, but even with so many businesses closed, earning college credit is still possible for most of our audience!  The following list shows you which college credit resources are still alive and well! Continue reading “College Credit & Social Distancing”

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Hospitality Degree for Under 10k


One of my sons is graduating from Charter Oak State College in a few weeks with a Bachelor of Science degree. His concentration is in “Hospitality & Management”  by taking advantage of their “Individualized Studies” option. Since Hospitality degrees are always expensive, I wanted to share how he earned this degree for under $10,000. Continue reading “Hospitality Degree for Under 10k”