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College Credit & Social Distancing

We’re in full social distancing mode, but even with so many businesses closed, earning college credit is still possible for most of our audience!  The following list shows you which college credit resources are still alive and well! Continue reading “College Credit & Social Distancing”

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Temporary Homeschooling: The Least you Need To Know

Has your family been forced into homeschooling due to the Coronavirus?  You’re not alone!  Public schools across the country are closed, and millions of students are now learning at home.  What is the LEAST you need to know?  Continue reading “Temporary Homeschooling: The Least you Need To Know”

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Homeschooling for College Credit During Coronavirus

While many of us are sheltering in place, I’m happy to share some AMAZING opportunities for your teens to earn A LOT of college credit at home RIGHT NOW during this pandemic. These options are available to any teen-even temporary homeschoolers! Continue reading “Homeschooling for College Credit During Coronavirus”