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Associate Degree Course

Did you know? We have a new Summer Catalog of HS4CC courses!!

The Summer Catalog is OPEN NOW- August 26,2022.

Featured Course: Associate Degrees in High School

Is it to your teen’s advantage to earn an associate degree in high school? I’ll share the most important factors to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to collect college credit or roll it into a degree before graduation.

The Summer Catalog offers a total of 5 courses, all available through August 26, 2022!

Taught by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa
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Parent Question: How do I show 2 colleges on our high school transcript?

Can my student be enrolled in two different community colleges? If so, how does this translate to a high school transcript? My goal is to see that, whatever path she chooses, she will be set up for success. 

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Parent Question: Can I leave an “F” off their transcript?

HS4CC parent asks “I have a question about Fs on a transcript. My kids are with a virtual charter and last year, they both struggled so much with online coursework that now we have some grades to recover. I’m wondering if it would be possible to expunge those grades after the credit is recovered...(continues)

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Transcript Video & Handout

If you attended last night’s Transcript Intensive, your video and handout have been sent to your email! If you were registered but missed the session, yours is also in your email- be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.

If you missed the session, there is still time. We have ONE session left this school year for May 18th at 3pm EST and there are still several spots remaining. This event sells out every session, and is sure to fill in the next few days.

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PRO TIP: Save and Store Your Course Syllabus

College courses your teen takes in high school should generally be sent to their target college without a hitch, but on occasion, the target college may need more information in order to accept that credit. Today’s pro tip helps you make the transfer smooth and seamless.

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Math Success 4 Math Averse

So, if you already feel yourself mounting a reaction to the title, this post isn’t for you.  Like anything you’re good at, you can’t imagine that other people can’t “become” good at it too… if they only had a better attitude, different curriculum, a better teacher, etc.  STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are all the rage – most universities have watched their STEM-majors double in the past few years, so there is a ton of emphasis on not only high school math, but college-level math in high school.  Sure, with 10,000 hours it’s possible to become an expert in anything.  This is not that.

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Parent question: Can you start high school courses in middle school? If so, do you include them on your transcript, and under which year?

Yes! You can start any course at any time your teen is ready. It is typical that when a middle school student earns high school credit, that the course is noted on the high school transcript in the 9th grade year. There are a couple of exceptions.

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Coming Up January 14th


Transcript Intensive Workshop

In this intensive workshop, Jennifer Cook-DeRosa will teach you how to build your homeschooling transcript like a pro – no experience necessary!

Each participant will receive a recording of the workshop and an opportunity to send Jennifer their transcript for feedback and recommendations. (you do not have to be present to get the recording and transcript feedback, but you do have to register)

This event costs $40 and space is limited.

EVERY section of this popular workshop sold out in 2021 – make your reservation now!

Homeschooling for College Credit

Topical Outline

  • What is a transcript? What is it not?
  • Homeschool record keeping
  • Sending transcripts to college
  • Where does a transcript come from?
  • What to put on the transcript, and what to leave off
  • Why unique transcripts make a poor impression
  • What goes in the header and footer
  • How to enter courses on any template
  • Weighted Honors GPA / College GPA / AP GPA
  • Unweighted GPA
  • How to use a GPA calculator
  • What counts as 1 high school credit? (5 methods to use)
  • What makes dual enrollment different?
  • Using blending homeschool & DE courses for credit
  • Converting dual enrollment into high school credit
  • When and how to round with good judgement
  • Recording dual enrollment on a homeschool transcript
  • Recording credit by exam (CLEP, DSST, AP, UExcel, TECEP, ACTFL)
  • Recording ACE credit (Sophia, Studycom, Straighterline, Saylor, etc.)
  • Recording continuing education / adult education courses
  • Recording remedial courses
  • Writing course titles
  • Writing course descriptions
  • Case Studies (examine several real examples of homeschool and college curriculum and see how it is properly recorded on a high school transcript)

Friday January 14, 2022

3:00pm EST – 5:30pm EST

Q&A to follow

Homeschooling for College Credit
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Transcript Resource Page

It’s only the most important homeschool document you’ll ever create!  No pressure.

(Transcript Chapter) Chapter 7 of Homeschooling for College Credit (2nd edition).

Families who have a lot of college credit often worry about how to record credit earned through dual enrollment, CLEP, or ACE.  Our families also want to be sure they are assigning the proper letter grades, calculating their GPA accurately, and not missing any key essentials.

If you’re really starting from scratch, my advice is to read the full chapter, do a template on your computer (tutorial below if you don’t have one), and just dive in.  The other tools on this page will help you calculate GPA and fine tune your work, but getting something down on paper is really the first step.


Livestream Transcript Workshops

Online livestream workshops are taught by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa several times per year. The focus is specifically helping HS4CC families accurately represent high school and college credit on their transcript.   Live Events

Template Build Demo (Recorded)

This 30-minute recorded template building demonstration is taught by Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and is open to anyone.  The workshop is free and on demand – complete on your schedule. Using Microsoft Word or Open Office, the focus of this class is to build a template that you can use to create your own homeschool transcript.  Build it Now!

Other Transcript Template Resources

  • The “How To Homeschool” website allows you to create a pdf document that can then be printed or saved on your computer.  The only downside is that your info isn’t saved. Transcript template
  • Home School Legal Defense Association has a wonderful section about transcripts on their website. Some of it is public, and some requires a membership, but you can also purchase a transcript template from their site.  HSLDA Transcript Resource Page
  • FastTranscript has a special HS4CC promotional code that is good for 25% off the monthly The Essentials Plan which regularly costs $7.95. Use HS4CC at checkout.

GPA Calculation Tools

The easiest GPA calculator is Back2College   SUPER easy to use, I’ve used it for at least 5 years.  Totally free, but it is really just a calculator.  They use a standard 4.0 grading scale, so if you’re planning to use a different weighted grade scale, this isn’t the best site.  Also, you can’t save anything – it’s just to help you do the math.

Alternative GPA calculator if you use weighted grades  GPA Calculator

Not sure if you should weight the GPA or not?  Explore the pros and cons here.

Need advice?  Email Jennifer directly if you have a quick question.  (use form below)

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