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Learn to Code: Get College Credit

This is a great list of 7 free or inexpensive curriculum options for your teen to learn to code. As always, you’ll award high school credit for their homeschool work. Separately, they can earn college credit if they take the AP Computer Science Exam. (info follows)  Since you can’t call your homeschool curriculum “AP” without approval, it’s ok to just list the courses they take on their high school transcript. You can even designate it as “honors” to indicate a rigorous program.  Continue reading “Learn to Code: Get College Credit”

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Video Deleted! OOPS!

This is a quick announcement to say that I accidentally deleted the video How to Create an ACE Account for your Teen.  This happened when I deleted an old Youtube Account that I thought was empty – it wasn’t, that video was hosted there.  Thank you for your patience, I’ll record a new one very soon.


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Homeschool Subjects & CLEP

CLEP can be a fantastic addition to any homeschool program.  For students that want to earn a lot of inexpensive college credit in high school, CLEP edges out dual enrollment and Advanced Placement.   In order to successfully plan multiple CLEP exams into your student’s homeschool program, you’ll need to understand the depth of knowledge needed to be successful.   Through my homeschooling journey, I’ve found that CLEP exams tend to represent one of two exam types: Continue reading “Homeschool Subjects & CLEP”

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Colleges That Don’t Allow Student Loans

The college tuition funding nut is a tough one to crack.  You could be super rich with a fully stocked college fund for all of your kids (yeah!) or you could be like me, trying to cash flow college for 4 kids on 1 income.  If you’re somewhere in the middle, you might be considering student loans- but what if your teen attends a college that doesn’t allow student loans? Can that help you or hurt you? Continue reading “Colleges That Don’t Allow Student Loans”

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Compare CLEP vs DSST

When I took my first CLEP exam, I felt pretty comfortable with the process and didn’t immediately see any reason to consider other brands like DSST.   It wasn’t long before I realized the limits of brand loyalty and soon branched out to add several DSST exams to my scheduled.  Continue reading “Compare CLEP vs DSST”