Learning to Degree Plan: Masterclass

Homeschooling for College Credit is resourceful high school planning for homeschooling families.

Make college affordable – start in high school 

Online Degree Planning Masterclass

Learning how to degree plan for your family is the #1 way you can assure your teen completes as MUCH of their degree as possible for as LITTLE cost as possible.

Lesson 1:  The Big 3 (podcast listen now)


The Degree Planning Masterclass teaches YOU how to write degree plans for your family and gives you the knowledge to achieve maximum transfer.

Cost Maps show you the money! 

Rack Rate Tuition:  the college’s published tuition price x 120 credits (bachelor’s degree). This is what you will pay if you begin college after high school.  This is not the best approach if you hope to cash-flow college or have your teen graduate without student loan debt.

Resourcefully planned:  the price you pay when you start Homeschool for College Credit in high school.   The number of credits your teen can earn in advance will vary by college, and all colleges require some amount of credit be earned with the college.  In our cost maps and degree plans, we’ve calculated the most cost-effective way to earn credit now, which limits the amount of credit you’ll need to earn after high school.


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