DIY Degree Planning & Cost Maps

Homeschooling for College Credit is resourceful high school planning for homeschooling families.

Make college affordable – start in high school 

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A cost map shows you an example what it costs to Homeschool for College Credit in high school vs what you’ll pay if your teen started at the college from scratch after high school with no incoming credit.

When you Homeschool for College Credit, you begin earning and paying for college credit in high school.  Doing so usually cuts the cost of a college degree from 25% – 90%

These cost maps are examples that you can use as a starting point to develop your own map for any major.

How to avoid student loan debt

  1. Reduce the number of credits your teen must complete by doing as many of them as possible in high school.
  2. Secure scholarships, apply for Federal work-study and use savings/cash to cover the balance of tuition once you enroll.
  3. Only after you’ve exhausted options 1 & 2 should you consider borrowing money.


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Cost Maps show you the money! 

Rack Rate Tuition:  the college’s published tuition price x 120 credits (bachelor’s degree). This is what you will pay if you begin college after high school.

Resourcefully planned:  the price you pay when you start Homeschool for College Credit in high school.   The number of credits your teen can earn in advance will vary by college, and all colleges require some amount of credit be earned with the college.  In our cost maps and degree plans, we’ve calculated the most cost-effective way to earn credit now, which limits the amount of credit you’ll need to earn after high school.

A Resourcefully Planned Cost Map or Degree Plan is NOT…

It’s not a guarantee.  This is an informed DIY plan developed by Homeschooling for College Credit using the college’s advertised transfer and credit acceptance policies at the time the plan was written.

Parents are encouraged to carefully track their teen’s progress against their target college’s catalog through high school.  The farther your teen is from graduating high school, the longer you’ll have to track their progress and the more potential that you’ll need to tweak their plan.

Why DIY? 

As the parent of a high school student, you won’t have access to academic advisors or the registrar of a college, in addition, colleges don’t specialize in helping you avoid taking their classes!  But, college transfer protocol and transfer policies are often available to the public, allowing teens to start earning college credit NOW that can be used LATER.  You are your teen’s best guidance counselor through this process.

Help Us Help Others 

These plans are for the mutual benefit of our entire community, your feedback is highly valued.  We need your help in 3 ways:

  1. If you find an error
  2. You’ve found a way to lower the cost
  3. You want to submit a cost map you’ve written

Contact us if you can help.


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