Discount Codes

All known discount codes at this time: 

Straighterline  (Online course: ACE credit) In my experience, using a SL code is tricky.  Some codes require the purchase of a membership at the same time, others require you to be a current member, and others work only for new members- also, a code only works once per person.  The problem is that they don’t tell you which is which, so play around and even ask through their chat box.  Also, you can use multiple codes if you use multiple transactions. (if you took two science courses, you could use two different codes at different times.)  StraighterLine Registration

use code MEMBERSHIP50 to take $50 off your $99 subscription fee.  You’ll pay  $49.

Take $50 off any course (new and existing customers).  Limit 1 per person.  Expires 8/1/17 Code HOMESCHOOL50 

Buy ONE StraighterLine course and save $50 on your second course! Use promo code GETSTARTED2017 at checkout!

CONGRATS50 takes $50 off a course when you have a membership in your cart or already a member.

Use code HUMANITIES to save $20 on any humanities course when purchased with a monthly membership.

Buy 1 course, get the second course free. *Must have 2 courses in your shopping cart for this to work* (expiration date unknown) Code: BGS310 -or- COMPLETEBOGO

Use code LANGUAGES to save $20 on any foreign language course when purchased with a monthly membership.

InstantCert (CLEP & DSST Prep) 

Using this link  $5 off InstantCert (regular price $20) or enter code 100150  at checkout to get $5 off your first month’s subscription.

The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus – One Month Free (regular price $20) of their unlimited streaming program.  25% off. Purchase 12 months of the Accelerated Plan for $1800  (rack rate $2399.88) when routed through Homeschool Buyer’s CO-OP. This comes out to $150 per month, and you’re eligible to take 2 college credit exams per month.  If you do, you’ll earn 6 college credits per month which break out into $25/college credit.  Note: be sure to use the free trial first, to see if their style of teaching fits your teen’s learning style.  Homeschool Buyers Co-op  Current code takes $130 off any course.  TESU199

Advanced Placement AP  (Credit by Exam) $40 waivers for low-income students have been eliminated effective 2017 exam cycle.  Some school districts are providing waivers on their own.  AP Waiver Program

CLEP  (Credit by Exam)

50% off your second exam:  CLEP Discount Rules Take a CLEP exam in August and get 50% off when you sign up for a second exam in August. Code limited to 1 time per person.   Use promo code CLEP50 when you check out.   NOTE:  you have to purchase them in August, but you have 6 months to use them.

Modern States voucher program:  Modern States is a free online study program aligned to CLEP exams.  They are currently giving vouchers to anyone who does their program and takes the CLEP!  As far as I can tell, there is no limit to the number of times you can do it.  Modern States CLEP Exam Voucher Program

ACT  (College Entrance) None at this time

SAT  (College Entrance) None at this time

DSST (Credit by Exam)   Free official practice tests for selected in July.  Exams included in promotion  Enter code:  PRACTICE2017 

AUDIBLE  Often runs a “Subscribe and get 1 free book” but they are currently running a promotion  Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks which I’ve not seen before!  Of course, besides Homeschooling for College Credit, they carry tons of great audio books including all of the Dave Ramsey books, and even some textbooks.


  • There is now a Homeschooling for College Credit marketplace group on Facebook. It’s specifically set up for you to buy, sell, and swap curriculum and test prep supplies.  College Credit Marketplace
  • If you can’t find it in our group, you can always try Amazon.  Remember to look for older editions when you’re shopping.  Unless a class specifies a specific edition, the used edition will almost always work.
  • I always seem to forget about but they are also a huge marketplace for used textbooks.  I’d suggest trying both before making a purchase.

If you know of a code, discount, or coupon, we want to know!  

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