Success Stories

I find encouragement from others accomplishing the things I’m trying to accomplish, and these families have agreed to let me share their stories here with each of you.  I hope you enjoy reading their stories, and that you’ll eventually have a story of your own to share!

I also want to point out that even earning ONE college credit in high school gives your teen a head start, so don’t measure your success against other families, rather use them as encouragement and motivation in your own homeschool.

Mother & Daughter (Karen & Katie P.)


I am so happy to share our story. We started the Homeschooling for College Credit journey only to demonstrate that our homeschool was equivalent to the requirements of a state diploma. Thanks to Jennifer’s book, those credits were not lost, but instead, ended in multiple degrees and acceptance into my daughter’s dream school in New York. I was so inspired by Jennifer’s personal story I, too, completed a college degree alongside my daughter. Jennifer’s work literally changed the trajectory of our lives.

In the 8th grade, my daughter decided she wanted to go to college in New York. We were living in Oklahoma at the time. I began investigating the school’s admissions requirements for homeschoolers. For the next 3 years, when we finished a subject in homeschooling, my daughter would go take the CLEP exam. She exceeded the minimum score, testing in the 70s on most of the exams.

A CLEP exam score will fall between 20-80.  Generally, 50 is passing.

My daughter had 69 CLEP credits by the time she was at the end of the 10th grade.  I received some great info from Jennifer about Thomas Edison State University via Facebook and I confirmed with the NY school that an AA would actually be an advantage for my daughter’s application. For the next year, my daughter continued to take exams. She acquired ACE credits and dual enrollment credits until she met the requirements to enroll at TESU and take the two final courses. After checking into TESU I realized that I could also complete a degree at the same time as my daughter. After all, I had helped her study and drilled her for all of the CLEP exams. My daughter graduated with her Bachelors in English two weeks before her 18th birthday and we walked side by side in commencement in September. My daughter was accepted to her dream school in New York and is working on a second degree that she will finish next spring. I completed a BA in Liberal Studies.

I forgot to post an important fact. We have no college debt thanks to being resourcefully planned using Jennifer’s book. Most courses/exams were under $100 each. My degree cost was $7,099 for 122 credits and my daughter’s degree was $8,100 for 120 credits.

If I were homeschooling another child (I only have one), I would only plan curriculum in grades 8-12 that ended in some sort of CLEP/ACE credit.

Susan Stuart Peterson

Susan.jpgThis photo is from last month when my son (firstborn of seven) graduated from law school at age 21. Law school was the first time he ever set foot in a classroom! Using the methods that we learn about here in Homeschooling for College Credit, my son completed his bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University at age 18. He was a history major at Thomas Edison, and in addition to his classes there, he obtained credit through very cheap community college classes, CLEP tests, DSST tests, and FEMA classes. After Thomas Edison and scoring well on the LSAT, my son was offered full scholarships from three law schools. He chose the offer from our home state (at Case Western) and thoroughly enjoyed his time there. He wanted to marry young, and that was a big motivator for his hard work during high school. He and his wife were able to marry at age 19, just three weeks before law school started, and I’m so glad that he didn’t have to go off to school alone! Completing college during high school isn’t for everyone, but it was just the ticket for my son, and I’m grateful for Jennifer’s advice along the way.

Hannah Crouchhannah

HS4CC and Jennifer have been a huge blessing during our family’s educational journey! The information shared has benefited our middle school-aged children and our high schoolers with earning college credit during their Jr. High & High School years, as well as enabling me (mom) to finally complete my BA after 20+ years. Utilizing methods gleaned from Jennifer’s books and HS4CC posts has made dual-enrollment a much less scary prospect, and allowed 4 of our older children to have college credits at homeschool high school graduation. I am continually thankful for Jennifer’s sharing heart as she walks thousands of families through the world of “Home Schooling for College Credit!” I highly recommend taking a look at the information and suggestions she has shared.

Michael Hassell

I have a full heart. In about 12 days the family is off to see my oldest Addison graduate from the Harvard University Extension School. This simply would never have happened without the early positive feedback from Jennifer.  It was really a dream come true. I recall as if only yesterday that we were at a garage sale and she, for reasons unknown, held up this tattered crimson t-shirt and asked me what “Harvard” was. She might have been 6 or 7 at the time. I explained as best I could that is was among the best universities in the world to which she responded…”what’s a University?” I paid a quarter for the shirt and inadvertently set her on a path we couldn’t possibly have imagined.

She will graduate with honors ALB in English with dual minors in Government and Management.

Harvard’s degrees are written in Latin, which makes them appear “backwards” in their letters.  ALB is Harvard’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree.

My smart little girl is already working as in intern with the local Emergency Medical Services Medical Directors office, a calling she hopes to make a career. It would not have been possible without her taking CLEP, excelling at the Community College level (which earned her a Phi Theta Kappa scholarship which covered most of her Harvard education), and always following through with her studies. I guess that I might have spent $5,000 on her entire college education over time. $1,000 of that was for those CLEP exams (only 3 of which Harvard ended up accepting, but they gave her 4 credits each). They were generous with her financial aid. That is all, just a little bragging…yet hopefully encouraging…and with a lot of thanks to my very good friend Jennifer.

Dr. Shawn Ambrose

shawn ambroseI have been a Homeschooling Dad for 20 years. During our homeschooling career, our four oldest children have all earned a large number of college credit while in homeschool, with one child earning an Associate’s Degree at home at the age of 17. In addition, I work in Higher Education. I’m an Associate Professor of Organization and Management and serve as a Peer Reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission and the American Council on Education. These qualifications put me in a position as an evaluator of Higher Education. In my professional opinion, Jennifer Cook DeRosa is THE foremost authority on Homeschooling for College Credit in the United States. The website Homeschool For College Credit, along with the associated book and social media sites, are the most complete resources for anyone…new homeschooler or very experienced, to receive the most up to date information on earning college credit while homeschooling. Shawn Ambrose, Ph.D

Pam GC

It’s so important for kids with learning disorders to try different paths to success.  First, we signed her up for a CLEP test, with accommodations, but she became too stressed out about it. We canceled that. Then, we got her signed up for the ACT with accommodations, but then she also became way too stressed out for that. I’ve postponed that, indefinitely.
Accomplishing the Sophia 1 credit free business course gave her the courage and self-esteem to begin and finish the two ALEKS Algebra courses.  It took her a few weeks to do the College Algebra course, but once she got the rhythm going, she started flying through it.   Also, a new, uncomplicated calculator from Rainbow Sciences website and graphing paper helped tremendously.  She, also, just knocked out the Intermediate College assessment in about 20 minutes, this morning!!! Not too bad 16-year-old with a history of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and a touch of Dyscalculia and severe test-taking anxiety. I’m so proud of her!!!
Now that she realizes college work is doable….she plans to register for Straighterline courses and work on college credit during her Junior and Senior years of high school! I’ve already discussed accommodations with them for extra time for her testing. I’m beginning the process of getting documentation to them to support her Learning disorders and health issues, now. She also has 1credit from the free Sophia business course that she finished this past April.   7 college credits for $40!!!!! She has begun her journey! I’m so proud of her.
We aren’t shooting for high ACT scores for full ride scholarships. I feel that would put too much pressure on her, due to her poor health and anxiety.  Right now, one class for credit at a time, as she feels like it, is going to be perfect for her and affordable for us. Again, I’m so thankful for your books and direction. With her many learning challenges and health issues, this is the perfect path for her future. I’m so glad I found your books, website and FB page!