Extra Resources

Live Events Hosted by Homeschooling for College Credit leadership over Zoom

HS4CC-Academy Live and self-paced classes for parents who want to learn how to resourcefully plan their teen’s high school career.

College on the Cheap Podcast Join hosts Jennifer Cook-DeRosa and Shelley Cloutier as they do whatever it takes to get through college without debt!

HS4CC Consulting for those seeking specific guidance in their homeschool program. We offer 2 consulting options for the homeschool family:

Homeschooling for College Credit, 2nd Edition

Paperback, 358 pages


Homeschooling for College Credit teens graduate high school with about 1 year of college under their belts, but motivated teens can finish their degree. Homeschooling for College Credit brings the goal post closer and teaches you how to pay cash as you go.

Homeschooling for College Credit will challenge you to reconsider the wisdom of popular college propaganda, and how to make better choices for your family.Even if you’ve never been to college, this book will turn you into a well-informed homeschool guidance counselor ready to proceed with confidence.

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