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Do you need help getting a plan started?

Solution:  read  Homeschooling for College Credit

We don’t sell plans or memberships- we believe parents make the best guidance counselors, and we want to help you learn how to make the most of your teen’s high school career through resourceful high school planning. The “best” way to get started is to read Homeschooling for College Credit! That book will give you a “bird’s eye view” of the entire process – and much more! Available at or your local library.

Do you need help finding a local resource?

Solution:  join your state’s HS4CC Facebook Group!

We launched Facebook support groups for every state so parents could collaborate and help each other tap into local resources, colleges, and information. Each of our state groups are led by well-trained moderators and filled with parents like you!

I need help writing my teen’s high school transcript

Solution:  Transcript resource page

Trusted tools like the GPA calculator, the transcript template writing course, and free community workshops are all located in the “Transcripts” tab above!  These will help you learn how to write a transcript with confidence. Don’t forget to revisit Chapter 7 of Homeschooling for College Credit too!

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