Homeschooling for College Credit is a free community organization that helps families resourcefully plan their high school program.  Our organization uses a blend of expert-led and peer-to-peer resources to help every family with questions.


I need help with… getting started

We recommend reading  Homeschooling for College CreditReal-Book-01

Jennifer Cook-DeRosa ties together 25 years of expertise working inside the system into her best-selling book Homeschooling for College Credit. This book was built to help families get started, and the sales fund our organization!  Available for free at your local public library, with Kindle Unlimited, or in paperback at Amazon.


I need help with… dual enrollment

We recommend joining your state’s HS4CC Facebook Group!

The best place to find out if you have resources in your area are by connecting with other homeschooling parents earning college credit in your state.  Our state groups are moderated by parents living in that state who are Homeschooling for College Credit and made up of people living in your state.  It’s likely that someone in your community has the SAME questions you do!  You can also tag “Jennifer Cook DeRosa” in any Facebook group for immediate assistance.

I need help with… college admissions

College admissions consulting in the traditional sense is usually for those planning for elite or competitive admissions colleges.  This type of consulting is outside the scope of what we offer and specialize in.  Elite colleges don’t generally allow students to bring in much college credit earned in high school.

I need help with… degree planning

We recommend our Degree Planning Course

If you are using dual enrollment and hope to complete a degree at that college, your student has access to advisors through the college, and they will give you the best help. For those of you working DIY style completing 75% or more of the degree before enrollment, we developed a parent’s course that teaches you how to act as your teen’s college advisor from home.  DIY degree planning is a very exact process that requires a depth of understanding in college policy and transfer protocols.   In alignment with our philosophy that parents make the best guidance counselors for their family, we spent a year developing an online home-course to teach HS4CC parents how to become expert degree planners for their family.  Private coaching for degree planning is only available to parents who have completed the course.  See the course link for more details.

I need help with… transcripts

For a full understanding of the transcript process for families with college credit, Chapter 7 in Homeschooling for College Credit is our most comprehensive resource.  In addition, you’ll find helpful tools like the GPA calculator, our transcript template writing course, and free community workshops in the “Transcripts” tab above!  We teach free community workshops around writing transcripts, check our Live Events tab for registration.

I need help… from Jennifer

You can send Jennifer Cook-DeRosa an email at or schedule a complimentary half-hour phone call for general planning or brainstorming.  (Please use the form below)

I need help… with something special

Jennifer is available on a limited hourly basis by phone, Zoom, in-person, or through email at her hourly rate when your situation requires research, analysis, comparison, development, or evaluation of:

  • a college’s enrollment policy
  • a transfer credit policy
  • articulation agreements
  • dual enrollment programs
  • comparing and contrasting two or more colleges
  • evaluating or improving your high school transcript
  • evaluating or improving your high school curriculum
  • adult returning to college
  • other special requests

Please use the form below to explain how you’d like my help: